The Playstation 3: One Year Later

November 17, 2007 marks the one year anniversary of the Playstaion 3.
This article is about the evolution of the console over the past year
and its current position among its competitors.

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ikkokucrisis3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

In the article, they compare the mistakes made for the PS3 and 360.
Microsoft made mistakes in hardware, and Sony in software.
Who would have guessed...
In the end though it seems like both are moving at the same pace (overlapping sales charts on top of one another).

There's nothing really new that this article points out that most of us already know for anyone who's deciding whether or not to read it...

BSigel813988d ago

To me this article is bashing the PS3 for what is was back then, not for what it is now. Sony is finally doing good for themselves and yet people still bash it. Personally, fanboys may think it is cool to bash it now, later you will just end up looking like a fool in the end.

anh_duong3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

i seldom comment on ms difficulties but can't help it in this case when the reporter makes bollocky absurd assumptions:

microsoft took a one-off billion dollar hit in the quarter ending in june, the profit ms earned was in the qurter ending in sep. over the two quarters the lost was substantial and no where near breakeven. this is why ms said the games unit year-on-year breakeven was delayed a year because of the fiasco. to assume that ms made a profit even with a billion dollar lost (because of the 'success' of the xbox) is seriously far-fetched i.e. a shop that loses a billion one quarter and make a hundred million in another doesn't makes the shop hugely in demand because it just turned a profit. think the reporter needs to understand more about basic accounting before making such bold claims.

very poor ignorant journalism.

personally, i give microsoft a C and sony a D perofrmance this generation. don't think either have covered themselves in glory. both can and have and WILL do better.

OOG FunK3988d ago

To put 1 billion into getting the repairs and stuff fixed doesnt mean they used 1 billion all at that time hell that will be stretched out over the next while not like they go heres a billion...

IntelligentAj3988d ago

It's first year was similar(in sales) to that of 360. The next year looks to be even brighter because the learning curve is disappearing for the game developers.

mboojigga3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

What makes you believe for sure 08 will be better than 07. Why does this sound like Deja Vu in here. The same thing was said when the system launched. Wait until the end of 07 and here we are from price drops to new skus coming and going too no system sellers(which the games that just released in the last 2 months were supposed to move consoles that were predicted all year still isn't happening) 76,000 for Rachet and Clank from October numbers. Not pushing and that game is a AAA title. So why does 08 look better now that we got passed the big AAA titles of 07 that were supposed to and I qoute "When the AAA games arrive you will see the console sale"

....................Um yeah 08 now so will this be a repeat for whatever in 09? Is this how Sony's 10 year plan is supposed to work.

Oh and if you don't know me for anyone on here I can care less about agrees or disagrees but if you can't even commment on why you disagree then why are you on this website. Lets have a healthy discussion. Some of you are happy trigger fingers with this disagree but no comment.

But then again it could be a 12 yr old who for some reason the disagree will make a difference in what happens to any system. I don't get that.

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The story is too old to be commented.