Over Thirteen Minutes of Gameplay Footage from the PS3’s Best-Looking Game

Kotaku: Level-5's Ni No Kuni was easily my "game of the show" for 2011's Tokyo Game Show. It's the first game I ran to on opening day, and it's the only game I went and played twice.

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fluffydelusions3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

This game gives me an eyegasm. Why haven't Sony brought these guys yet??

Baka-akaB3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

because they probably dont wanna get bought

NukaCola3211d ago

This looks so amazing. Has a classic feel, and has some new stuff I oculdn't imagine. It's polished as all hell. And so beautiful. This is my new Wind Waker. I cannot believe I am seeing a Studio Ghibli tale come to life. I haven't seen an animated game look this good. It looks like youre actually in an animated world, something other games havent fully achieved. Day one. Thank you for bringing this to us across the pond!

tiffac0083211d ago

Level-5 is a big studio now, so I don't think they'll be bought that easily and its rare for Japanese publishers to buy Japanese studios. You just don't see it that often.

callahan093211d ago

Amazing. Can't wait for a localization.

MariaHelFutura3211d ago

They are basically like a suckerpunch was to sony.

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Cloudberry3211d ago

So glad that this would come in English.

Convas3211d ago

Bwarrrrrg. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

servetyldz573211d ago

it looking so great probably it will be one of the smash hit game.

clrlite3211d ago

One of my most anticipated games!

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The story is too old to be commented.