CB Games Previews: Left 4 Dead

It's time to load up the shotgun and lace up your good running shoes, because it's happened. A mutated strand of the rabies virus has nearly eradicated the human species, turning former friends and family into blood thirsty cannibalistic mindless killing machines; the infected, for short. There are hundreds, if not thousands if these things roaming the street looking for some fresh meat to tear into. Your meat to be precise. Now it's up to you and a small band of survivors to try and escape from the city where you've been Left 4 Dead!

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ichimaru3991d ago

this game seriuly looks fun, comment. but the game looks addictive from just watch. i love the fact that you ned your teamamtes throught the ebtire game, and can't stray too far

ThichQuangDuck3991d ago

It looks fun but what is going on with the graphics?

Douchebaggery3991d ago

This is what Resident Evil Outbrake should've been, I really wanna play that game.

OOG FunK3991d ago

yea this looks like such a fun game cant wait to play iot and rock co op gonna be so fun...who cares about the graphics if the game is awesome?