The Difficulty Arc: How frustration ruins the gameplay experience

Colette Bennett writes:

"The scenario: You, controller in hands, sitting on the sofa, staring at your television with a mixed expression of frustration and anger. You've hit a point in a game where you can't get any further, you don't want the strategy guide, you don't want to go pull up Gamefaqs. You just want to figure the wretched thing out so you can get on with the game you were enjoying up to this point..."

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Gamingisfornerds3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

When you try to pull off one of those video challenges, all of a sudden people start getting in your way. I don't know where they come from, but as soon as you try to do this challenge the pedestrians just keep coming and coming, deliberately getting in your way and causing you to bail over and over. It's just so damn annoying!

Another thing that bothered me was the S.K.A.T.E challenges. The differences of the tricks on the analog stick are just too subtle. When you try to pull of a specific trick, 9 out of 10 times you perform the wrong trick. So annoying! But you can get through the S.K.A.T.E challenges easily by using the 540 spin trick. You do this by pushing both analog sticks in the same direction. This enables you to spin faster and the A.I can't do this for some reason.

Still, the game is great and a nice breath of fresh air!

Lex Luthor3993d ago

Mile High Club on Veteran for COD4.

/ends thread

Thread Closed.

Bonsai12143993d ago

funny story: i spent a good 2 hours playing that damn chocobo game in ffx to collect the balloons to get the Sun Sigil... i was nearly at tears. later, when i played through the game again, i did it on my first try.

Shadow Flare3993d ago

On FFX, in the thunder plains, if you dodge 200 lightning bolts, you recieve the venus sigil for Lulu. When the screen flashes, you hit square and Tidus will dodge the bolt. So anyhow, this takes alot of endurance. And im there and getting a little weary dodging the bolts, i lose concentration, and bolt freakin strikes me. And my feelings at the time were beyond comprehension....i just sat their mouth open with no sound coming out of it. So i ran ahead to check how many bolts i dodged, and i dodged 199

Megaton3993d ago


Same thing happened to me, except it was 193. I haven't played the game ever since then.

Bonsai12143993d ago

since we're swapping stories... do you guys remember the SCEA holiday 2002 demo disk? you know, the one with viewful joe on it... guess what happened to my memory card? i seriously stopped playing my ps2 for a few months after that. a whole months of my life, in total time, gone..

Megaton3992d ago


Yeah I beat all the bosses, including the final boss in the monster ranch, Nemesis. Those sigils though... Some were just too damn hard (Lulu and Tidus).

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mccomber3993d ago

I can think of plenty of examples of frustrating games, but the common thread for me is a feeling that I didn't die/lose because I wasn't playing well enough, but just because of luck. I have no problem losing a round over and over because I keep making mistakes, or die repeatedly because I'm just not playing well enough; but when it feels like I'm losing just because the game's idea of a challenge is to just make it next to impossible to pass a section without luck, trial and error or some other BS... that's frustrating.

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