Nintendo Reveal New Wii Exclusive Release

Transform your living room into your very own family holiday destination this winter, a welcome distraction from the cold weather outside as Go Vacation will see you travel to the vast Kawawii Island. Players can unlock fifty different activities in Go Vacation, ranging in category from sports simulations to dance-based challenges either in single player or four player multiplayer mode.

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Tanir3215d ago

lol, nintendo and their shovelware

Joegrine203215d ago

LOL now i knw u dont like nintendo

Tanir3215d ago

lol not true, but i dont like them like i used too, i mean ds had alot of shovel ware but alot of good games,

wii has a few good games and is 95% shovelware.

barely have any games for my wii and games like this is why

Joegrine203215d ago

yea but i would consider them shovelware. i would neva consider games like dah at all. it will juss appeal more to the kidz i guess. i have a wii althogh i dont care about those games, there are some serious quality titles on it.

Servbot413215d ago

Oh boy I'm sure glad we're getting this shovelware instead of Xenoblade or The Last Story.