Top 5 Most Disappointing Games This Generation writes: Heller & Tano take a look at their top five most disappointing games this generation including a dragon, grappling hooks and stupid looking masks.

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BigBacon873497d ago

I disagree with Bionic Commando. It definately had flaws but it was still alot of fun.

JellyJelly3497d ago

Grin should have been on that list. Everything they made from Terminator: Salvation to Bionic Commando and Wanted: Weapons of Fate was a steaming pile of poo.

Vaud-Villian3497d ago

Too Human was also fun, pretty awesome controls just a crappy story and unvaried loot.

jony_dols3497d ago

I know that people will disagree with me but I thought that L.A Noir was incredibly disappointing. After years of anticipation and waiting, it turned out to be bland & quite boring.

duger3497d ago

perfect dark zero was a cool game.

NewZealander3497d ago

yeah i gotta admit i loved PDZ, it may not have had the best graphics, but it was great fun.

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