Battlefield 3 Achievements Leaked

Uh oh. Looks like another AAA titles achievements list has been leaked, by Se7enSins once again.

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Hufandpuf3217d ago

From the achievement descriptions, you'd think this was an adventure game lol awesome!

M-Easy3217d ago

Great list for a great game!

Szarky3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

502 Bad Gateway

Edit: never mind, worked

ARTISAN3217d ago

well me being a achievement whore and all it seems I'm going to start on hard. if its as hard as gears 3 on hardcore ill breeze right through :)

Brownghost3217d ago

Who cares im just wanting the online

Lirky3217d ago

I dont understand why things get leaked faster now lol but its ok as long as ppl dont look to see massive "spoilers" in campaign stuff.

Bladesfist3217d ago

Send a dev a friends request then view what game he is playing then view achievements. That's why.

Buzz7S3217d ago

Not as easy as you think. You think there are developers testing the game on Xbox LIVE?

Bladesfist3217d ago

Ofcourse there are. Some play the game at home, They must test how the game works with live at some point

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