What the Mass Effect Movie Won't Have In It

Kotaku dug up this blog entry at production company Legendary Pictures' official site -- which was posted back after July's San Diego Comic-Con, but has remained practically unseen until now -- that answers some of the biggest questions fans have posed about the highly anticipated video game movie.

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gogospeedracer3219d ago

Let's wait until it comes out to start saying what is and isn't 'in it!'

zeal0us3218d ago

All I hope is the director, actors and writers do their research don't need another cheesy video game movie.

Hellsvacancy3218d ago

Lol, i have no hope buddy, these mofo movie companys aint bothered about makin a good accurate movie, they just wanna make money

Consumers are idiots (majority of em) theyll buy anythin

FrightfulActions3211d ago

The most depressing thing, is that you're right. It could be miles away from the original story, it could ruin everything fans of the game series like, it could spit in the face of every fan who hoped to see their favorite game become a movie. But it'd still sell well and make money because consumers are bloody idiots.