Next DC Universe Online Expansion Pack Lets You Travel Into The Past And Explore Origins

DCUO’s first expansion pack allowed players to use Hard-Light powers and team up with either the Green Lantern or Sinestro Corps. In DLC2, everything will change in a flash.

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Hitman07693218d ago

Didn't see that coming! Pretty creative.

iXenon3218d ago

I'm extremely excited for this one.

Criminal3218d ago

Awesome! I love the Flash!

iXenon3218d ago

After the latest crossover, Flashpoint, altered the DC Universe, it's interesting that they're going this route...

Mister_V3218d ago

Awesome that it's going free-to-play!

iXenon3218d ago

I suppose. I had a friend or two who were refusing to pay for the subscription. I'm going to continue paying the $15/mon., mainly because I can get expansion packs free with that plan. Everyone should pay 15/mon.

DaTruth3218d ago

Maybe during the dry summer months, but I'd be paying $15/month for nothing for the next 3 months!

Dark Souls and Skyrim alone will cause major vitamin D deficiency in large portions of the gaming population!

Criminal3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I can't wait to get it for free, it'll be my first superhero MMO.

TopDudeMan3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I think expansion packs are the way to go with MMOs instead of subscriptions.

They'd be more likely to tempt me in with that.

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