Fifa 12 goes on the defensive

MMGN: Fifa 12 is a whole new ball game. Judging by the demo, we will have to relearn how to play Fifa, the exact sentiments muttered by producer David Rutter back in July.

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pctrollv43213d ago

yes, its actually a harder game that requires more tactics and better gameplay instead of just running and scoring. It will give better competition online. Am all for it. Best football game to date

Ares903213d ago

I downloaded the demo and found the gameplay really hard FOR ME, because the last FIFA I played was 2002. But I'm sure if I get used to the controls I'll be enjoying it a lot.
PES on the other hand, well since I'm very used to the gameplay, it's ok, but as always many teams won't have licensed kits and that really turns me down (unskippable same video at the beginning, REALLY???).
Presentation FIFA wins, PES stays the same, same face-styles, same everything... they do the same for every match.
I'm ready to convert to FIFA (again)

--Onilink--3212d ago

yeah, the previous were right on the money when they said fans would have to get used to gameplay again. The tactical defense is i think an even bigger change than the player impact engine.

On topic of the impact engine, i kinda feel that they made some modification to tackling for the demo, cause in previous the writers said that a lot of players spent a lot of time on the ground because of it, but on the demo i even have a hard time intentionally sliding to see a big collision