What game ads looked like when the SNES was alive

Sometimes Games Radar like adverts. As long as they're clever. Or arty. Or have got monkeys in. Or ladies that look like they want to touch us in the pants. They're all pretty good. The other kind of advert that Games Radar like are old ones. Even if they're completely rubbish - and mostly they are - they still hold a certain irresistible, nostalgic charm. And Games Radar are sure 'veteran' gamers will feel inclined to agree as they browse the next few pages, where Games Radar have generously gathered a veritable gallery of game advert antiquities.

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Slayer OP3993d ago

When did it die? Arnt people still emulating it?

Wii60PS3DSPSP3993d ago

Well if you want to count the Wii's virtual console then yes it's alive again.

Nostradavis3993d ago


I agree, have a bubble. It never died, classic consoles like that live on forever.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3993d ago

Bubbles for you also. Long live the 16-bit era!

BIoodmask3993d ago

You are correct. The 16-bit era should live on. And it does all emulated on my PC. But don't forget about the Turbo-Grafx16 also.

NewfZ3993d ago

I became a gamer towards the end of the 8-bit era and I gotta say. The 16-bit era was by-far the best gaming era so far.