Sony: Supreme Court ruling spurred changes to PlayStation terms

Mark Milian writes:(CNN) -- People don't typically pay attention to software agreements, but PlayStation owners may want to read a recent update to their digital contract.

Last week Sony changed the terms-of-service document for its PlayStation Network, asking U.S. customers to forfeit their rights to file class-action lawsuits against the company and its partners. Customers can opt out by sending the company a letter in the mail.

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-Mika-3214d ago

I personally don't have a problem with this and it cheaper for sony and the consumer

zero_gamer3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Even if it is cheaper for the consumer the chances of winning against a company are less likely. For example, like that article, there won't be a jury so you'll likely get less support and the company will get a better chance to win.

EDIT: With that said, there are a lot of idiotic class action lawsuits that actually do not benefit the class, but a lame alternative to winning the lottery so they can retire at a younger age. Lawyers really make big bucks out of these as well.

DaTruth3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

If I ever need to, I will just say one of my friends or my son must have accepted the agreement when using my account. Then I will ask if they have a signature!

I didn't agree to nothing! No signature, no proof!

nickjkl3213d ago

you cant use that as a defense

DaTruth3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )


They should ask for you to put in a password first, especially if they have an automatic sign-in! It doesn't matter how stupid the circumstances, if someone comes across my CC and uses it to make purchases, I am not agreeing to those purchases!

TOS's are barely enforceable under law as it is! If they were, somebody would have already made a TOS that says at the end, you agree to pay me $10,000; he would be a millionaire in a week!

narutogameking3214d ago

I use my PS3 to play games not as a conduit to sue Sony. What about you?

BeAGamer3214d ago

I use my PS3 to pwn noobs like you online

zero_gamer3214d ago

Sadly plenty of gamers are conduits to any given console manufacturer. It's sad. If I have any legal disputes with any given company I will not continue purchasing their products regardless of how amazing they are, or how many good experiences I've had in the past. I am likely one of the last people to sue a company.

beast242tru3214d ago

i use my ps3 for great games music movies and pictures I LOVE MY PS3

fear883214d ago

I don't have a problem with sony's use of the new TOS because it includes the option to opt out of excluding yourself from being a class.

This means nothing changes but if you want to be included in a "class" to leverage a class action suit, you must write and submit a physical letter.

At&t on the other hand, requires as part of any service contract, that you forfeit the right to be included as a class to join others in that class to pursue legal action for greater monetary results. Meaning if at&ts service outright sucks for everyone, instead of filing a class action, you go into arbitration which goes by a person by person case rather than bring the service problems to the forefront of the company.

This makes it easy for ATT to sweep its problems under the rug and keep ignoring its own issues that customers are not happy about.

I feel its an actual good TOS because if I feel I want to retain that right to be included in a class, I still can. So essentially nothing changes but the consumer has to be aware of this situation and do his/her job to retain that right.

MeNoRasta3214d ago

I don't understand why people choose to accept this TOS cos it doesn't help anyone but Sony themselves.I mean they are black mailing you for you to use their free network.

cyclonus0073214d ago

This all in the unlikely event you decide to sue Sony and try to pull every person with an account in with you to collectively try and get paid. No more lawyers sending out mass mailings to get people to join a frivolous lawsuit.

If you actually have a legitimate issue with Sony, they are just saying that you have to deal with it through arbitration.

Their network, their rules. It is what it is.

Kon_Artist 3214d ago

no once forcing you to play online :/

radphil3214d ago


You missed the part where you can opt out of it and STILL use their network.

radphil3214d ago

And apparently 2 people can't read.

Taz Yamauchi3214d ago

Then go and buy an Xbox and agree to their terms of paying

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