Sony goes back in time, firmware 1.4 is live

PSX-Sense writes: We know the PSN is acting up a bit and Sony has announced that it should be fixed in a few moments, but we couldn't help but notice something awkward. When checking to see if the PSN was back online, firmware update 1.4 (10th of december, 2009) was forced upon us. Although we appreciate the nostalgia of the good ol' firmware 1 series, surely this can't be planned.. read on for more at PSX-Sense!

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Danteh3214d ago

epic 300 degrees in 25 mins record :D

zeeshan3214d ago

Regardless how you rate PSN vs XBL, one thing is clear and that is Sony NEEDS to learn a lot of things from Microsoft. See, I am a huge PSN fan because it's free. I am not into cross-game chat crap and TV channels and what not. I just want to sit and play games on my PS3 using free PSN. If Sony wants to get attention of millions of other games who are currently paying for XBL then they either need to cut this crap or start charging us for online gaming. It's as simple as that.

If these unwarranted outages keep happening, they (Sony) are simply scream out "you get what you pay for" even if they don't want to leave this impression.

PS4 had better come with some snazzy interface that is more responsive than XMB. I am getting sick and tired of waiting to see the dashboard after I press the HOME button my DS3 controller and on top of that, when I want to chat with someone, it takes some time to load my contact list. It's these small issues that really leave a bad taste in the mouth.

I hope SONY will learn from these mistakes and come up on TOP when it comes to online gaming experience. Really, they should focus on these things. I mean, I see these useless HOME updates. Yes, HOME brings them money but what if they could dedicate some resources for PSN and XMB interface? They'll probably make a lot more money than HOME if they can get these things right. More console sales will lead to higher attach rates and will bring in a lot more money. C'mon Sony! You can do it!

kikizoo3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

"then they either need to cut this crap or start charging us for online gaming. It's as simple as that."

Lol, sure, 5 years without problems, and you are overeacting for one or two ridiculous episodes..(even with ridiculous $$ to pay, ms also had some problems with updates or online features, so...)

Darrius Cole3213d ago


"You get what you pay for" I think the lesson that Sony needs to learn is "don't take what the people already paid for". I can help but think that this is another episode of some hacker(s) getting their pound of flesh against Sony for removing features from their console.

Information Minister3213d ago

This is interesting... Today I updated my PS3 to the recently released firmware 3.72, but before I could do that, I had to agree with the "SYSTEM SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (Version 1.4) FOR THE PlayStation®3 SYSTEM" which oddly enough is dated from December 10, 2009 ( ). Go figure, what a coincidence!/s

This sure sounds a lot like a huge fail from the author, who apparently can't tell the difference between FIRMWARE VERSION and EULA VERSION.

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gogospeedracer3214d ago

Poor Sony! It's almost unbelievable!

frostypants3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Someone just mis-typed the version # in an xml file somewhere. It's not a big deal.

outwar60103214d ago

ffs i wanted 1.4 it wasn't there when i checked

OpenGL3214d ago

I'm confused as to why the firmware was dated December 10, 2009 as firmware 2.40 released more than a year before that in July 2008.

Kleptic3214d ago

yeah what?...I have no clue what this guy is talking about...

I got my PS3 in march 2007...and was prompted when I first started it up to download something like 1.5 iirc...if there ever was a 1.4, it wasn't too long after the launch of the PS3...regardless of territory...hardly 2009 anything...

and also...I've been checking all ps3 has been connected to the PSN for nearly 12 hours...

RememberThe3573214d ago

Wellll some one knows how you work the internet machine.

That makes this even more weird though.

SuperStrokey11233213d ago

No one will read this and they will continue to freak out over something that never happened...

IM_A_NINJA3214d ago

This hasn't been a banner year for PSN.......

Off topic a bit, does anyone know how to accept the new Sony TOS? I got an email saying they were changing it, but I didn't see anywhere to accept and I'd like not to get banned...

Kur03214d ago

It should have automatically asked you upon logging in to the PSN.

beavis4play3214d ago

IM_A_NINJA - that doesn't make sense. you can't sign in until you agree to the new ToS......and this was a week or so ago. when you turn on the system, you should be prompted to it immediately.

and psn was only down for an hour or 2....hardly the end of the world.

IM_A_NINJA3214d ago

I haven't signed in for a while, but when I got the email asking me to agree and couldn't find a place to agree I got a little worried.

I don't use PSN often, but I would have hated to get banned for not accepting. I have around 10 PSN accounts I'll have to log into and accept I guess.

DaTruth3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Who cares! When you decide to sue, just say your brother must have used your account and accepted without your knowing! Clearly someone excepted without your knowledge anyway!

You personally didn't agree to anything, and they don't have your signature on record!

ChronoJoe3213d ago

It's not a legal document. They can't sue you over breaches of ToS, but they can refuse service to you.

In that sense, it's not something they'd going to quabble over who signed it, for that respective account. They will refuse service for that account/PS3. Not the individual who allegedly didn't sign the ToS.

DaTruth3213d ago

Not certain what you're saying; you still get the service without being bound to the agreement!

How do they deny you service if you accept the TOS and then deny you accepted 3 years down the road! If they deny you then, just make another free account!

Wintersun6163214d ago

You must accept it to install the new 3.72 firmware. If you're on that firmware, you've already accepted it. If not, then update.

Kushan3214d ago

You won't get banned for not accepting the TOS. It comes up when you're trying to sign in if you need to accept it, otherwise you're fine. If you can sign in, you're fine. Not all regions got a new TOS to sign.

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