Meet The New Character in Tales of Innocence R

Andriasang:'s new preview of Tales of Innocence R, the PlayStation Vita remake of DS title Tales of Innocence, has our first look at a new character, Kyu Kyu.

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-Mika-3213d ago

I really want this game to come to america. Hopefully the 3ds tales game sell well.

tiffac0083212d ago

Take my cold hard earned cash and don't do another Tales of Vesperia on us but do a Tales of Graces F instead.

While your at it Tales of Xillia would be awesome too. :)

tarbis3212d ago

DS Tales of Innocence beta confirmed. Bring it to the english speaking regions please... AND STEP ON IT!

gano3209d ago

I damn near don't want to know about this till the ps3 atleast get a tales in the states.
All these tales games and not one in the sates, wtf
they on.