Can Zombies Sell Anything?

Velocity Gamer writes: Dead Island is approaching 2 million in sales, for a new IP that's really good. Zombies are everywhere, and they are winning. Can zombies sell anything?

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One-X3221d ago

They don't neccessarily sell instantly, but they do grab in a whole lot of attention. As a zombie lover any zombie game that looks half decent, I look into it and then see if it's worth my money. There's just something about zombies and killing them which is incredibly fun and satisfying for reasons unknown.

I think some people do buy games as soon as they hear zombies, but I also thing many people look at the game at hand first. As a zombie lover, we have high standards but a lot of people easily overlook a game purely for the zombies.

In short, Zombie games generate a whole load of attention no matter what game it is, we simply love zombie games. Zombies can pretty much sell anything, like the article says, just got to hope zombies don't get attatched to bad games too much.

Hufandpuf3221d ago

Too many zombies? Never. We are used to endless waves of zombies.

TopDudeMan3220d ago

I like zombies. It's a situation that's appealing to people. I think a lot of people would like to see how they would fair in that situation.

Hazmat133220d ago

zombies cant sell anything, they are brain dead.

dcortz20273220d ago

I wasn't expecting that one, funny stuff!

Hockeydud193220d ago

I think its not really the zombie aspect that sells, but the Co-Op survival modes they bring with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.