9.5 Reviews Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Expansion 1

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 received its first DLC package on September 13, 2011 and is available for only $5 USD on PSN. This expansion offers three new playable decks, four more unlockable cards for each of the original decks, a new (or expanded) game mode and a new single-player campaign complete with new puzzle challenges for your entertainment.

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Community3245d ago
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Robotronfiend3245d ago

Not a bad game, but coming from someone who used to play the card game years ago I'd rather see bug lists fixed and a complete deck bulding mode as well. The real fun in this game was constructing my own decks.

lodossrage3245d ago

I understand why they don't let you completely build your own deck. The idea behind this is to bring new people to the world of magic.

If they allowed you to build your own deck, the veterans would mop up new people so fast (even worse than they already do) that it would turn many off from playing. They'd make these insane overpowered decks

Robotronfiend3245d ago

Hmmm maybe if they added another mode for compelte custom decks. So we'd have the usual 1v1 with semi-premade decks, archenemy, and Total Custom league or something. I think as long as that mode had a different leaderboards and didn't mix with the pre-mades it should be fun.

Also, if everyone has all the same cards unlocked it would really be more about who is the better deck builder since we aren't buying rare Mox jewels and crap like that.

The game is still surprisingly good without total custom decks though! I don't regret buying it.

Zardos3245d ago

Yep, MtG back in the day was definitely fun... but veeery expensive as well. They streamlined the experience so everyone could dive in and they get an A for effort.