A new Ghostbusters game. Do we even care?

Movie and game fans of a certain age are now buzzing from the news of Vivendi's newly announced Ghostbusters game. It's a license deal guaranteed to send geek excitement alarms wailing with ambulance sirens and flashing with blue lights, but an important question must be raised. Why?

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wil4hire3990d ago

Why is everyone so god damned cynical these days?!!?


"do we care?"

God, I'm sick of these new age a-hole gamers. Everything MUST be AAA, single player is obsolete yadda yadda yadda. Games aren't investments. They are the cheapest form of entertainment to date. 10-16+hours for 50 dollars, you cant find that anywhere. THEN you have the renters.. they get 16 hours out of a game for 7 dollars and STILL COMPLAIN! As if they are donald trump and their time = $. If thats the case, you shouldn't be playing "videogames"

Its as if they never touched games pre current generation.

Nostradavis3990d ago

Here is the problem, and I hope that I an not offending those who pride themselves in being informed....ready? The problem is greed and cheap labor. Who works cheaply? Teenagers who want to see their words on the pages of a gaming website.

Most of the writers on the gaming sites we read are barely out of High School, let alone college. So to answer the question, yes WE DO CARE. WE are the mid twenties to early 30s with jobs and the funds to buy the game...remember that the next time you ask.

Maldread3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Agreed, have creed and a bubble ;)

ry-guy3989d ago

Did you even read the article? My bet is you didn't.

The article gives a glowing review of why the Ghostbusters universe and a video game are a perfect marriage.

Try reading the news before commenting on it.

socomnick3990d ago

Yea ghost busters is awesome.

fenderputty3990d ago

Anyone who grew up watching the cartoon or the movies cares. If this turns out to be even mildly cool, I'll pick it up for nostalgia reasons alone. Who can complain about slimer, proton packs and walking marshmellow dudes.

heihoosilver3990d ago

do we need air to breath?
if the games are good bring it.More good games is good.

lonestarmt3990d ago

Why?? supid question, because it could be awesome. It could be fun. Why else. geez. I was one of the biggest ghostbuster fans, and I think most people around the age of 20-35 were, so I think this is a smart move, IF done right.

Neurotoxin3990d ago

Geeks..... Coming from someone that actually works on a gaming website....

Glass house`s and all that.

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