PS3: Singing the Blu-Rays

This week's NPD numbers show the PS3 once again taking the dismal last place in console sales. Ian Bogost questions on Kotaku why it suffers so, and he speculates the reasons might be Blu-ray and the availability of casual games.

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mighty_douche3988d ago

there was thread stating ps3 selling 5.6 million in its first year. some one please remind me how many a compitionless 360 sold in its first year?

i dont get this whole..."the ps3 is finished sh!t"

tethered3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Its just wishful thinking by fanboys I guess.

I never understood it either.
Why they would want to see the PS3 fail is beyond me.

The better Sony does, the more Microsoft has to do to stay competitive.
The better Microsoft does, the more Sony has to do to stay competitive.

If all three systems continue to do well we all get to see the improvements.

ukilnme3988d ago

I'm with you mighty douche as I don't get the whole PS3 is finished sh!t myself but there are many on this site that believe the 360 is finished in '08 or '09. I don't see either one happening.

cmrbe3988d ago

The article is not saying the PS3 is doom but rather reasons why the author thinks its last again in Oct in NA. It dose make a good point with regards to the casual games. Sony donsen't have many casual games it use to have most likely because of the wii. However i believe these are ok PS3 numbers considering they gain a bit since Sept and the fact that people knew there is a price drop in Nov. Don't pay attention to any PS3 doom articles because we all know its just BS.

nambo3988d ago

I think close to 10 million

Kholinar3988d ago

I think some of this for Oct. has to do with the 40gb announcement. People who might have been ready to jump on the higher ps3 wait a couple of weeks for the new deal... So it hurts sales for those weeks, but it's all made up after that...

kevin11223988d ago

the 360 sold 5-7 million in its first year, they are very very close. Also the ps3 didnt have europe sales for 5 months and didnt get to sell during the holidays. all consoles will do fine and arent going anywhere.

pukka_p3988d ago

Their main product is PS2. People forget Sony<>PS3!!

They've written off PS2 r&d by now. It's a big fat cash cow now. I actually can't believe they shift so many units per month!!

People say sony are slow with PS3. I say they have a shrewd strategic head on their shoulders. They need to milk ps2 for as much as possible, and build a user base whilst extending the ps brand and cashing in on ps2 to the full extent possible.

Releasing ps3 one year early with no games at a silly price was just a ploy to cut short 360 glory. Nothing more than a simple strategy of disrupting the opposition. They knew they had no games - that's why it cost so much. You only upset the fanboys, and they'll forgive you in the end. Those that don't will more than be replaced by the huge numbers still buying ps2!

Sony are really not a silly company. How many consoles are MS selling at a profit today? How many fully paid for game does MS have selling today?

PS - To the disgust of some, I deliberately ignore wii (which is a toy - or perhaps a console with a 2-3 games and 1000 minigames). I shall change my mind if ever drunken/party wii sports is ever surpassed...

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Meus Renaissance3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I don't understand why people give so much publicity to articles that sing doom regarding the poor sales that happened before the price drop. It doesn't get much attention anyway. If they were based on November and December NPD numbers then I consider it news and something worth reading, but this article should have been reported as the context is Old and not really gaming news in my opinion.

N4G has been flooded with positive PS3 news for once. It's just funny that the ones that are somewhat negative, are articles based on sales figures of the past.

What is there to discuss here really other than the October NPD numbers?

mighty_douche3988d ago

we should all take a leaf out of his^^ book.

Abu3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )


dude_uk3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

ohh lokie here...

no wonder who posted this was TRP.

I wonder if you have anything better to do other than searching for PS3's "bad" news???

EDIT: this is piss take... why the hell are people messing with my bubbles???? u can disagree if you want but don't mess with the bubbles man....

Yo Mama3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Stopped reading after "These figures don't reflect the recent PS3 price drop".

eagle213988d ago

people (internet) know anti ps3 articles are a joke even kotaku bloggers are complaining. vgchartz said 200k ps3's sold last week worldwide. Blu Ray is kicking ass and everyone knows it. The joke is not on Sony anymore. I want Sony to keep their dignity and swagger and take ps3 owners to gaming heaven while the hating gaming media and participating companies (yep) burn in hell.

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