PS3 to get Blu-ray Profile 1.1 update before end of year

Sony will update the Sony Firmware so that its Blu-ray player can read Blu-ray Profile 1.1 discs in time for the USA release of Resident Evil Extinction on the 2nd of January 2008. The Blu-ray movie is expected to be the most advanced blu-ray disc it will feature true picture in picture and 'Blu-Wizard 2' which will allow your player to 'remember' your viewing preferences for the movie, even after you have ejected it.

The movie will also feature PlayStation 3 demos of Devil May Cry 4 and the new Resident Evil game.

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Evil0Angel4079d ago

so i guess PIP found in HD-DVD is not-true PIP?? sony girls get life and stop hyping PS3 as the second coming of christ

Blackmoses4079d ago

You do realize no one is arguing with you. I mean The article wasn't making any reference to the HD-DVD camp and their capabilities. Before I showed up and typed this comment you were pretty much arguing with yourself....

(walking away...)
Crazy Fanboy.....

xsteinbachx4079d ago

get back to me who wins the argument. you or yourself

SIX4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Holy mother of..................... Even if the movie sucks it's going to sell boat loads! Well played Sony, well played.

BTW. [email protected] Evil0Angel arguing with himself. It's kinda like fanboy turrets or something.

dhammalama4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

That's awesome! Who'd have thought you'd be getting game demos off the extras menu of a movie. Who'd have thought the demos would be DMC4 and RE5!!!!!!! That's great :)

No, it WON'T


"UPDATE 11/16/07, 1:15pm: We've just received word from Capcom Entertainment that the 'Resident Evil: Extinction' Blu-ray will *not* include actual playable demos for “Devil May Cry 4″ and “Resident Evil 5." Instead, the disc will include high-def trailers for both of those games."


Sorry guy :(

SIX4078d ago

Nuts! Too good to be true I guess, but thanks for the update.

Darkiewonder4079d ago

on a blu-ray movie.

Pretty Sweet!

riqued4079d ago

I will buy it just for the demos

kewlkat0074079d ago

to the stand-alone players consumers bought?

Does this Mean BlU-RAY is finally, finalized>?

dude_uk4079d ago

well its pretty simple...

they update its firmware too...

which was already launched for standalone players

blackmagic4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

A profile 1.1 player needs to have 256mb of local memory to store bd-java on and a secondary video decoder so profile 1.0 players can't be updated to profile 1.1. Unfortunately, Blu-ray is not finalized until profile 2.0, which requires 1 gb of local memory and an ethernet port so no profile 1.0 or profile 1.1 players (presently available or in the near future) will be able to update to profile 2.0.

The ps3 has more than 1 gb of local memory and a network connection so it will be able to update to profile 1.1 and later to profile 2.0.

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