Sony presents the HMZ-T1 (Virtual Goggles)

With its new independent device, the HMZ-T1, Sony offers a new visual and audio experience, self-respect to television, we can build our peripheral connecting to a PlayStation 3 or a BluRay player compatible.

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taylork373220d ago

You can't do anything but commend Sony on their push to advance technology and also their already huge contribution to the technological level of current entertainment.

With that said, I really cannot understand how they expect this specific product to sell any sort of significant amount.

gumchewinasskikr3220d ago

If this is reasonably priced, hd and 3d then they have at least one sale from me.

Caffo013219d ago

i read the price in yen in another news and it's about the equivalent to 800/900 dollars!

ginsunuva3219d ago

Its 720p per eye and 3d.

RedGr3mlin3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


You heard it from me first!


No seriously this is a dream coming true in front of my eyes.
I remember when I was a kid @ around 12 ( I am 30 now ), and was with my father at a gaming event here in Sweden (solna hallen för svenskar på n4g).

There they had the coolest thing I`ve seen I remember, it was a huge helmet that you put on your head and when you did you were inside the game!, you could see your hands when holding the (ps3 move look-alike) joystick and you could see the other guy that stood in the other side of the gaming hall 50 meters away from you in the game face to face.

The gfx back them were maybe what minecraft is now, even more uggly and the helmet where so heavy on my head that 1 grown man had to hold it.

(you can compare the weight with straping on a fat boy ps3 to a helmet and wear it LOL)

But When I walked out from there that day and sat my self in front of my sega master system my thoughts were going back to that hall where I tested vr for the first time and though: Damn I hope this will be a future that I will see some day.

The years past by and got older, got a gf, and a work and I forgot about vr and the fun time i had that day and alot (that you cant forget) thx to one hell of a generation in between (ps1+ps2 / dreamcast / jaguar / Xbox and now xbox 360 and ps3).

Until last year I think it was, when I saw THIS helmet on the (don't remember the name now :S)that Sony showed.

And then everything came back to me, I was about to see my dreams become reality. And for a second i was 12 years old again standing and lookin at that cool helmet with eyes that were big as dinner plates.

Tho my friends fast shut my dreams down and said , that must be heavy and what? Should you hold it with one hand?

Tho I was still in hopes, tho days /month once again made my mind forgot about VR. I was building a monster gaming rig, working my ass off, engeadged my self to my gf and playing the hell out of my ps3 system.

And today when I went in on N4G! What do I see?
I see a helmet with VR that this time have something to make it 100% able to stay on your head wile gaming!!!

Isent that VR so tell me what is?

So once again my dreams about VR have been realized and ONCE AGAIN I am hoping to be able to play VR with the gfx that you can find in lets say: Uncharted 2, gt5, gears of war, killzone 3?

//leting my mind slipp abit now//

Playing ghost recon 6 with 5.1 sound with VR, turning my head and see my friend go down left and right off me, screaming in the built in mic to take cover wile i move up to him and draging my friend behind cover wile looking @ the enemy and fiering my rifle with one hand wile draging my friend with the other!

And before you ppl shut my dreams down like my friends once did....

Sony have them self said that we could bring vr to reality now. We have the resolution, we have the TV sizes, we have the gfx engine to make kick ass games.

The only thing that I am thinking can bring this down is the prize. But hey. If they mass produce it, the price will probably be like the ps3 @ release and if they make it go together with lets say ps3 systems and the future ps4?


SweatyFlorida3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I truly think VR could be the next big thing (like when motion controls first set off with the wii) for next gen. With these goggles, PS vita and 3DS having some sort of VR tech, there's great chances for some unique and great things to come. Hopefully we'll have the tech next gen to truly create amazing games/experiences with them.

KNero3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I think I'll pass on this one and wait for the second version of it. Just to be safe. The price might go down and they might improve the wear comfort, and maybe bump it up to 7.1.

gamerz3220d ago

What's the resolution of these?

RedGr3mlin3220d ago

last i heard was that the HD tv,s ( or leds ) inside that helmet were 1080p and 3d!!

VR in 1080p + 3d ! = I am in heaven !

Porn in 3d and vr any one?
or in second thought... maybe nott

I dont want any dudes jizz in my face

SamPao3220d ago

pretty shure the resolution is 720p in 3D, I read it somewhere

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