Brutal Gamer: Why Failure is Nintendo's Best Option

Barry from BrutalGamer looks at Nintendo's attitude to success, asking whether they would benefit in the long run from having the 3DS or WiiU fail.

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Joegrine203219d ago

Dude these articles are really gettin annoying please man stop posting these things. it being very immature. u seem like u want ninty to fail. Man thats really sad.

Keats3215d ago

Did you read it? It's about how, when Nintendo's back is to the wall, they always seem to reassert themselves and come back out on top. At the moment they're treading water. This article was written by a Nintendo fanboy as well.

matey3218d ago

Nintendo made it possible 4 other game companys to acyually have a market this gen as it was stagnent they made everyone get up and start to realise gaming is fun again which in turn helped other game companys if the wii didnt come out the game industry was about to fail theres only so many Gears and COD people can stand.

Keats3215d ago

You're spot on to an extent. Nintendo showed people and developers a third way, they just fell in to the Atari trap of failing to properly manage the software being released on the system. Some of the best games this gen have been on the Wii (same was true of the Gamecube) but they got lost in the ocean of shovelware.