First 'Ghostbusters' Gameplay Footage

Remember that Ghostbusters game's TheFeed told you about yesterday? Well, apparently they were a little further along than anyone originally thought. Late yesterday afternoon TheFeed was handed a mysterious tape with game footage on it from the game itself, and TheFeed is pretty sure it's exclusive. Of course, it's the internet, so you never know.

No matter, TheFeed has it, and it looks completely awesome.

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Sangheili853989d ago

i hope they don't ruin it. I will so buy it.

fenderputty3989d ago

If this game looks fun, I'm getting it for nostalgia alone.

ErcsYou3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

off the hook.. cant wait to get knee deep in ecto plasm ... looks good. wonder what game engine they are using. it feels like the UE3

wil4hire3989d ago

I wonder if you will just be playing Ghostbusters? The movie.. Like I see the court-scene. And Stay-Puff.. Slimer...

It would be fun to take another GB adventure. But I am sure if they make the game OK, should be fun anyway.

heihoosilver3989d ago

looks really good.
Hope will live to the hype. i want one copy please.

The Real Joker3989d ago

Wow. I am really impressed. My expectations were low but still this looks impressive.

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The story is too old to be commented.