Namco's New Wii RPG: Fragile

Bandai Namco's RPG output on the Wii will apparently go beyond just the sequel to Tales of Symphonia. The company today opened up a teaser website for a surprise new title: Fragile: Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo (Farewell Ruins of the Moon).

If you want solid details on the game, described as an RPG where you explore ruins, you'll have to wait just a bit. The site states that the next issue of Famitsu, due out in Japan on 11/22, will have a full report.

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Darkiewonder3989d ago

RPG! Use the Classic Controller thanks.

But senses tell me with a title like "Fragile" you'll be using the Remote to point things out or use it in a way that is different in an RPG ;o

ItsDubC3989d ago

I always welcome new IP on any console. Guess we'll have to wait for the next issue of Famitsu for more details. Good news nonetheless.

theoneandonly3989d ago

Looks like NAMCO has the right idea by making new IP projects that are actually GOOD, ETERNAL SONATA & now this....

Watch as the SQUARE-ENIX crowd sticks to making sequels over and over, and get pounded in sales!!!! LMAO

Seriously NAMCO is one of the best developers this time around, they're actually taking risks & finally getting outside of their box...

ShadoWulf3989d ago

More non-party game titles for the Wii. I like that. I'll add this on my 'watch' list with D:DoC. Hammer was on there, but it got axed :(