Importing PlayStation Vita: Pros And Cons

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Sony's decision to release PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 17, at least several months before the machine debuts in the U.S. and Europe, no doubt planted the temptation bug in a few Westerners' heads.

To import, or not import? That, dear reader, is the question.

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Blaze9293215d ago

I'd import one simply because if someone hacks it that quick, I'll have that version before they patch it with other territory releases. Just like when the PSP launched.

Otherwise I can wait.

Buff10443215d ago

I recall playing old school SNES games on my Japanese PSP...then I caved and updated with the U.S. firmware. haha

SonyNGP3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Importing isn't going to be cheap, and I can see sites like Play-Asia charging a little extra for it too.

Well...Unless SCEE pulls a Lik-Sang on their asses like they did with the original PSP...

Buff10443215d ago

True. Hopefully Play-Asia and NCSX will be fine.

clrlite3215d ago

Depends on how much extra cash I have available when it releases. It also depends on what the US release date ends up being. If it is more than a couple months after the Japanese release date I will be very tempted to import it. Obviously it will depend on price too and other factors. Basically, it's a big MAYBE for me. If the US release ends up being in January or something I will wait.

KillerPwned3215d ago

I thought about importing but its just forking out more money then it is worth. Plus I have it preordered on amazon and its a good chance they are gonna run a promotion for PS vita games at launch for anyone that bought one can get a vita game half off something like that.

For the price of importing a vita, I could get the handheld along with a game and accessory or two games.

MasterCornholio3214d ago

I would wait as Yoshindo said they will announce the release date for Europe and the USA really soon.

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