Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Jobs Shown on The Cover of November Famitsu Connect! On

Final Fantasy XIV players are anxiously awaiting the coming of the new jobs that will give some classic flavor to the game. A glimpse of what they will look like is on the cover of the November Issue of Famitsu Connect! On.

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Crystallis3214d ago

IS that a Dragoon at the top I see? I really can not wait for this..I'm so glad they brought back the job classes. I thought FFXIV would be empty without them. Its what made FFXI so great.

Abriael3214d ago

seems a Dark Knight to me.

Abriael3214d ago

@Leonesaurus: doesn't seem like one to me. Doesn't have a lance, but a scythe (you can see it in the middle of the bow), and the armor is identical to the "evil armor" we saw months ago. And dragoons have nothing to do with evil.

Leonesaurus3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

@ Abriael: I agree, it doesn't look anything like the Dragoon armor we remember getting in FF XI or previous FF games, but that is what Lancers/Dragoons will be getting.

Dark Knight isn't in the game or the cracked data files, especially since Botanists are the only class that uses scythes in the game, and no more than one class can use the same primary or secondary arm unless its a shield.

This also occurred when people wanted Archers to use daggers as an auto-attack weapon rather than fists. I was one of those people that messaged them on the forums about that and they responded by saying something along the lines of...

"Since the armory system is in place, only Gladiators/Paladins can use daggers. Letting another class use them would destroy the purpose of the armory system and throw it into an unbalanced state and blah, blah blah."

But you get what I'm saying though. I would actually like to have some more FF XI jobs like Dark Knight or Beastmaster added at some point.

However, this reason alone is why there cannot be a Dark Knight in this game, nor have they mentioned it in any of their plans for the future.

Also, I didn't see it first either until you responded to me, but I noticed if you look vertically from the Dragoons lower hands and above his helmet, you can see a grayish pole in his gauntlets. And at the bottom, what first appears to be a hooked blade, could actually be similar to the Iron Halberd Lancers use, and the rest could be blocked by the other characters.

I even recall somewhere in the forums, and from some friends on the game, about that armor being for Lancers/Dragoons. The evil armor was just a codename though, I believe, for its design, it wasn't exactly what they planned on calling it in the future.

But we'll see what happens. I'm just excited that it got on the front cover of Famitsu and shit and released awesome new artwork!

Shojin13214d ago

WTF is this game for PS3... What a shame.

Kamikaze1353214d ago

How? Microsoft are the ones who aren't allowing SE put it on the 360

Noami3214d ago

i don't see it...i just see same job they r now w pritty equipment that's all top from botton

Lancer,behind looks like either thunde w.e mage it was gladiator marauder archer pugilist conjurer (since conjurer have ...whm ability) and the dark elemental make sence the equipments. but i see no "new" jobs

Crystallis3214d ago

Did you clink on the link? That clearly looks like a Dragoon.

Leonesaurus3214d ago

New jobs are coming AFTER the 1.20 and possibly the 1.21 patches with every single fix to the battle system and battle regimen system as we know it.

Arcanist and Musketeer are the next two classes being implemented once all the necessary fixes are complete. So, I hope that answers your question and satisfies your curiosity on that end.

BTW, Arcanist is rumored to perform like a Geomancer of some sorts, laying down traps, and Musketeer is to act like a Corsair in FF XI. Uses muskets and rifles to fire from range.

Noami3214d ago

yea like i say this just look like artifac equpment for jobs. they could do alot changes to current job since they re doing job system.

Spenok3214d ago

Nice. This gets me more and more excited for the changes coming to this game. I really like it already, and can see myself loving it when the majority of the changes are put into place.

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