November a Good Month for Sony PlayStation 3

According to a widely publicized report by the Associated Press, Sony sold more than 100,000 PS3 consoles during the first two weeks of November, making it one of the best sales periods for the struggling game console. Sales for the PS3 have been lagging behind its rivals, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's surprise hit, the Wii.

Last quarter, Sony's gaming division reported a staggering $848 million in losses, double what the division reported the year before. Although the PS3 has received good reviews for its performance and comes equipped with a Blu-ray DVD player, the relatively high cost of the device has discouraged consumers, particularly given the lower cost of the Wii.

The decision by Sony to boost sales in part by cutting the price of its 80-GB PS3 is somewhat ironic, given that its main rival in the high definition DVD wars, Toshiba, recently sold nearly an identical number of HD DVD players (the rival to the Sony-backed Blu-Ray) by running a well-publicized $99 sale for its soon-to-be replaced, second-gen HD DVD player.

When asked earlier this week by Business Week's Stephen J. Adler if he was surprised that Toshiba was selling its high-def DVD player for so little, Stringer said he wasn't. "Look, I can sell [a DVD player] for a dollar," Stringer replied. "I'd lose a lot of money, but if you want to go that route, it's a tough competition, and it seems to be about a lot of things, including face. So if you want to cut the price down and engage us in a price war, that's a different system."

Clearly, for Sony, after months of third-place finishes in the gaming console battles and staggering losses, a little price war is not necessarily a bad thing. Whether it is a sustainable business model will depend in large part on whether Nintendo can get back on its feet before the holiday rush.

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Sez 3990d ago

wasn't this story debunked. by bloomberg report last night.they say the 100k units sold was counting all sony console products.ps2,psp,ps3

Real gamer 4 life3990d ago

No! they sold 100k ps3, i belive that what sony said.

TheMART3990d ago

Well, the 360 is selling 550k a month in Sept./Okt. so that's over 120k a week in USA alone...

PS3 is still not selling enough to catch up

Ignorant Fanboy3990d ago

I just love how people disagree with facts!

ruibing3990d ago

Are you talking about the NPD numbers? Wasn't it 366k?

SWORDF1SH3990d ago

you are lookin at it the wrong way. the ps3 is only laggin in america but is still capable of selling millions in america. the same cant be said for japan thou. the ps3 is slaugterin the xbox 360 in japan and the 360 its very unlikely to sell millions in japan. once the ps3 gets a grip of japan (which is a matter of time with console sellers like gt5 and mgs4 coming up) the ps3 is capable of sellin 100k plus in japan. and as for europe the ps3 for some periods has been out sellin the 360 even with a lack of games and a high price. so with games comin in fast and a temptin price point the ps3 and the fact that the 360 as used its trump card (halo)and has only one more bullet left (mass effect) to take a pot shot at the ps3, the ps3 is set to take over europe (and close the gap in america). now the only reason that the 360 is beatin the ps3 in worldwide sales is because of america and the ps3 is more than capable of closin the gap or even overtakin the 360. now give some love for the swordf1sh.

WilliamRLBaker3990d ago

America-Wii outsells 360 by a good amount and the ps3 by a godly amount, 360 outsells the ps3 by a godly amount.

Japan-Wii outsells the ps3 by a godly amount, the 360 by an even more godly amount, and the ps3 outsells the 360 by a godly amount yet the 360 still sells somewhat in japan.

UK-Wii outsells them both, and 360 often outsells the ps3.

Europe-wii outsells them both, and the ps3 and 360 are often tied.

Oceanic states-ps3 and 360 tied, and wii in the lead....

So basically....Wii will win...the sonyfanboys cannot recognize a thread, they fight againest the 360 without realizing the Wii is the threat to them the system that outsells them and the 360 in every way.

Armyless3989d ago

This and many more interesting facts will be answered by...


(Ignorant Fanboy included)

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Real gamer 4 life3990d ago

the xbox 360 sold 500k in october? i though they only sold that much in september?

Premonition3990d ago

Yep they did sell over 350k in oct and 550 in September.

celticlonewolf3990d ago

It did get debunked it was that they sold a 100,000 but that did include the ps2 as well. The actual article is on this website plus its over on vgcharts website to. If you read the paragraph though it says sold 100,000 ps3 in the first 2(not 1 week) of nov which goes along with the articles saying about counting the ps2 sales in the 100,000 both weeks. Hope that cleared it up not sure how it came across the way Ive wrote it lol.

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