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Optical_Matrix3216d ago

3/10 for Dead Island. Sound about right. Traded that abomination in for Gears of War 3

mandf3216d ago

For all its problems, it still isn't a 3. A 7 least. 5 trophies from a platinum. Not a bad game just not great.

NoobSessions3215d ago

WTF. A 3? A 3?! The game's at least a solid 8 in my book.

Goes to show you how much a person can have their individual views different from reviewers.

joab7773215d ago

I thought a 7 for resistance was rediculous but a 3 for dead island? I guess bugs can destroy an experience, but r3 has no bugs. It is an 8.5 imo. Gears is a 9.25, & dead island ranges from whatever to an 8.75 depending on how many bugs or glitches. U gotta b honeat. Maybe he was in his review but damn...Had dead island had a better story and no glitches, it coulda been great.

morganfell3215d ago

Body Count over Dead Island? Really? 2001 level design over innovation? Really Edge?

kikizoo3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

EDGE : "7 for resistance ? it's a good score, see, dead island has 3"

they don't want to show clearly that they are biased, but every people with a brain and minimum maths knows that they are always 1,2 points under the metacritic scores for ps3 exclusives, and most of the time on par for xbox or nintendo's consoles, like other partners like gamekult and others ridiculous liars.

Obelisk923215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

A 7 for Resistance 3 is actually higher than I expected. They gave Resistance 2 a 6.

Anyway, EDGE's reviews HAVE to be READ. They're scores are obviously the most trolling I've ever seen, but the written reviews are usually pretty good from what I've seen.

Aloren3215d ago

@kikizoo ? Gamekult ? are you kidding ? Just cause GK gave Heavy Rain 6 doesn't mean they're biased against sony. They also gave halo wars a 5, 7 to reach and mass effect 2, 6 to Dragon age origins, they just constantly underscore everyone.

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pangitkqb3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Edge wouldnt know a quality game if a troll shoved it up their review team's respective buttholes.

Jokes aside, there is no maior source of game reviews out there that i disagree with more regularly. The different standards applied from one review to the next are so shockingly inconsistent i honestly wonder how they are taken so seriously.

Kleptic3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I read them now simply for late 2008, the last time a gears/resistance game was released...there was a big article about Eurogamer and Edge...objectively going through how out of wack they were with the mean averages of game reviews...

Gears, halo, and anything with mario in it...they were almost always above the averaged review scores...

so at least Gears gets similar treatment, they stuck with what worked in the past...but a 3/10 for dead island? shit, was a small developer with a low budget, that worked longer on that game than the reviewer has been out of high school...

at least resistance 3 got a 7...that means its the same as Killzone 2 according to them...which is still one of the best console shooters ever made...

Bathyj3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Careful what you say about Edge. I just lost a bubble for not bowing down to them. They have friends in high places.

Funny how you can keep your nose clean for 6 months and not get a bubble but then lose one with 2 words.

Trophywhore3215d ago Show
Trophywhore3215d ago Show
humbleopinion3215d ago

So you basically say that they should give dead island 7 for the effort because "it was a small developer with a low budget" and basically lie to their audience even though the game is bad?

Why should I care? I pay for it the same price I pay for Gears and Resistance, and I want the reviewer to inform me which game they think is better before I shell out my own 60$ for a demoless game. Reviewers should only care for their integrity and for their customers, not for the salary of game developers. Edge are professional and I'll take them over a hundred internet outlets every day of the week.

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jessupj3215d ago

Once again, Edge have used their emotion and PERSONAL opinion to grade the game instead of trying to be objective and professional.

Like some people have said, how can anyone take these hormonal fanboys seriously?

What's more astounding is that fanboys actually trying to defend them. I'll be watching out for the predictable "It's their opinion" that don't know what a professional opinion is suppose to be.

JsonHenry3215d ago

Yeah, makes me wonder about that 3/10 for Dead Island. NO WAY is it a 3/10 game. At least a 7/10 IMO.

Of course, reviews are just that- opinions.

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Cloudberry3216d ago

Ought to check it out at least.

They give Yakuza 4 a 7 too, and I love the game very much.

LOGICWINS3216d ago

Yakuza 4 has ton of technical flaws, but its an 8.5 for me at the very least. Incredible story and replay value.

guitar_nerd_233216d ago

A 7 means very good from Edge. It's a complement!

P_Bomb3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Agreed, Yakuza 4 delivered.

mixelon3216d ago

Sometimes I feel like edge randomly assign scores. Even though I shouldn't compare an rpg's score to a fps' - dead island scoring lower than bodycount? Reallllllly? Edge are like stubborn attack dogs with their reviews sometimes, for often dubious reasons.

coolbeans3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Don't play that game. Bodycount and Dead Island have enough differences to the point where you can't just say "Why'd you give X game a higher score than Y game?"

Myst3216d ago

Wow Dead Island is low though on the stance of W40KSM I wonder if that will change with Exterminatus for next month..

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