Bleszinski: Storytelling is 'crucial' in triple-A games

IncGamers: Gears of War 3's design director speaks about the importance of plot and character.

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Supman3207d ago

So how come the first 2 games I couldn't follow?

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Caleb_1413207d ago

I hate that they've tried to make Gears 3 have a more emotional effect on the player as it just comes across as cheesy - if you're going for the emotional story telling then do it from the first game in the series, don't try to be something that you're not. Gears 1 was all about blood, shooting and action - no soppy storylines whatsoever and not much character exploration.

Now with Gears 3 they suddenly want us to feel all this emotion that wasn't there in the first place? I'm not saying that Gears 3 is a bad game at all (I think it's fantastic gameplay and graphics wise) but don't try and force soppy storylines down our throats - know your place Epic.


Well said, +bubbles. I'm with u, it's like a lousy made for tv movie like USA or lifetime or the ovary channel.
The corniest is Baird,...he officially surpassed coletrain. I'm tempted to mute my tv. Nothing he says is remotely funny.

As far as the title goes, cliffy.....great, so why do the gears story suck? It's almost as bad as that Bruce Campbell movie alien apocalypse.

death2smoochie3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

It's a catch-22 for EPIC.
If EPIC decided NOT to go that route, then they would have been criticized for not having a emotional story and you could just hear all the crying how the story is the "same."
So either way EPIC would have been criticized.
You just cannot please everybody so they are better off making the game as they see fit and not worrying too much about minor critiques from Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks...

Trophywhore3207d ago

Plot and Storytelling are essential for movies and books. In video games, gameplay is all you really need. Everything else should be an afterthought. Im sick of games pretending to be movies and sacrificing gameplay because of it. Devs spend millions on voice actors, motion capture, scripts, and CGI before they even get to the game part of the game. And people wonder why video games are just rehashed sequels over and over again. Thanks a lot Cliff.

antz11043206d ago

Look at the Mass Effect series and UC2. They're great b/c of the gameplay AND a great story. Gears 3 is following suit. So yes, thank you Cliff for making a great title.

evrfighter3207d ago

Come on cliffy battlefield series says hi. Left 4 dead how u doin. Cs, tf2, total war series, civilization...

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NewZealander3207d ago

man i love gears but hate cliffy b, hes got hes head stuck so far up his own ass...

buddymagoo3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I personally feel the Resistance series has a better story with the alternate reality history (like Bioshock) Using real world places like Manchester (my home town)

MrSpace3206d ago

It's nice when a game is set in your home town

Shame theres never been one set in Newcastle... <sigh>

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Lord_Sloth3207d ago

Cliffy B, what's life like in front of a mirror?

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