Skyrim Allows You to Hide UI, Features New Speechcraft System

GR - "Bethesda's Pete Hines has revealed a number of startling new details about Skyrim, including the ability to hide the HUD in its entirety."

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smurfz3218d ago

This game is going to rock!

just_looken3218d ago

"alchemy can only be conducted within a laboratory or work station. No longer will you be able to brew potions wherever you like."

so i half to fast travel just to make some dam potions oh thank you more time to waist instead of having fun

"When harvesting plants, flowers and stems will physically disappear from the environment to reflect the fact that you've harvested them."

so basically if i want to have a cool battle expect to pick up alot of crap that i don't want sense it wont show up on my screen pickup ____ hit x ty again ugh.

"According to Hines, players will now be able to disable your HUD display entirely by setting the opacity of the overlay to zero. This will effectively allow you to hide the compass; health, stamina and magicka bars; and crosshairs, and play the game without any visual impediments."

So you never made the screen dim if im low on health or even made a way for me to tell if im low on magic so it will be a huge fn guessing game awesome cant wait thankfully again optional.

"As has been revealed in the past, the Speechcraft minigame from Oblivion has been replaced in its entirety by a system similar to the one in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. The Speechcraft skill will have a tree full of associated perks to further enhance its use."

To put it in a easier term they have taken something basic and easy to learn and made it more complicated and a pain in your ass very cool guys.

"Finally, third person finishing moves occur automatically, and can be disabled. These occur much like the slow motion effects in Fallout 3."

Really so again you take something out of fallout that really is going to get us killed faster ty very much at least i can disable this so my character wont be standing in the middle of a sword battle like a idiot.

At least vats isnt in the game yet or maybe we can get a pink 60's Cadillac from nv j/k.

Thats my view.

strange19863218d ago

"so basically if i want to have a cool battle expect to pick up alot of crap that i don't want sense it wont show up on my screen pickup ____ hit x ty again ugh."

Say what?

Seriously, this entire post is a mess.

evrfighter3218d ago

Liked the idea but ya his delivery is a mess

invisiblezero3217d ago

Ugh, someone remove this post. The trolling is so obvious. This post and all the replies need to just be removed from the thread by an admin.

Chnswdchldrn3218d ago

sweet, complete immersion into the skyrim world

ArabianKnight013212d ago

So if the HUD is totally removed (which i like) will there be any visual cues to my status? Low health, magika, & stamina? Maybe they show up only when low? If so then def a win, if not then not sure how that feature will be of any use.