The hidden costs of PlayStation Vita: 3DS-esque battery life and mandatory memory cards

When Sony announced the price of the PlayStation Vita at E3 this year, there was an audible gasp followed by a round of vigorous applause. Sony's $250 asking price matched that of Nintendo's now admittedly overpriced 3DS ... but that was before Nintendo's aggressive price drop. It turns out you should also consider the cost of some unnecessary, but recommended, accessories.

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gogospeedracer3212d ago

IT definitely adds up. But isn't that how it is with every system?
I had to purchase HMDI cables, optical cables and more for the PS3/360. What else is new?

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Tanir3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

people complain about everything lol. we have been buying memory cards since what? ps1?

buying hard drives as need be, memory sticks on the psp and dsi.

people dont know they dont need the memory stick either, as the games save to themselves like a cartridge.

you dont need the extended battery either.

these are all optional, people just like to complain.

the only thing mandatory is what you need to play the game, and thats the game, console and the included self storage space .

man people need to do research before they start spouting crap

tiffac0083212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I'm not sure why you need a docking station when you can use the charger instead and why do these sites keep basing the prices from Japan?

Things cost more in Japan. Just wait for the official price in your region then react accordingly.

Edit: I would be surprise if the PSV does not come with a charger that would just be down right mind-blowing. So I'm sure it will come with one. So pretty much your only real hidden cost is the card and the price would depend on what you buy.

The external battery will be for those who travel long distances or for the gamer who plays every now and then without getting a chance to get near a socket to charge their device. For everyone else who can live with their handheld plugged in wherever they maybe this will not be an issue.

n4gisatroll3212d ago

Seriously, I'm sick of all this Sony hate. Why can't people just write without any biased opinions on companies and not just pick on one company. No wonder why video game journalism is such a laughing stock.

MrSpace3212d ago

I know...

All the stuff Sony has done for hardcore gamers this year. The last game company who give a crap about us core gamers.

Oh but Microsoft gets a free pass when they don't even care about us anymore, went down the money path, ditched core gamers, only focusing on the casual audience, say things like "Theres more core games coming" when theres not and focused all their time and money on Kinect....then bullsh*t us that it's for core gamers as well and that we all love it......yet people still feel the need to stick up for them and hate on Sony.

meganick3212d ago

You're sick of all the Sony hate? If you want to see some real hate on this site, go to the Nintendo pages.

TyrionL3212d ago

I know right. If you're sick of Sony hate you're on the right site. I see nothing but giant Sony circle jerks on this site no matter what the articles about.

SamPao3212d ago

ololol mandatory memory cards? get your facts right! you can save on the gamecard...
battery life? same as psp, wich is uber great

clrlite3212d ago

Let the smear campaign begin!

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