Daily Joypad Review: Resistance 3

Daily Joypad's Jamie writes:

"After the last game in the Resistance series pretty much wiped the floor with the original as far as the campaign went, I couldn’t really see how Resistance 3 would manage to do the same. Sure, it could always make things look a bit nicer, bung in a couple more weapons and I’m sure a lot of people would be happy. But I was surprised to find out it does so much more than that, and brings a whole new level of immersion to the series."

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monkeymagik3210d ago

I would love to know why people hate Resistance 2.

I thought it was a good game in it's own right.

R1 was better sp, but r2 was better mp imo with 8 co-op.

R3 is is excellent in both regards, my only gripe is lower rez tbh.

Also i really hope R4 is set on another world, chimera's home world. Another game which also needs this is HL3.

Rynx3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

I loved R2. Yeah maybe the narrative from R1 was sorely missing in R2, but overall the scale of R2 was massive. The boss fights, the co-op, the competitive.

Oh well as a wise man from ancient Greece once said "Haters gonna hate"

My only disappointment with R3 is that they literally didn't implement any trophies for competitive multiplayer. I mean, what the? I know they said that they won't do something like 10k Kills trophy, but I didn't think they were going to go overboard and not do a single trophy dedicated to it. Only 2 for co-op?

I have a big hunch that they will do what Naughty Dog did for Uncharted 2. They will add multiplayer only trophies to be included with their DLC.

Rynx3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

double post

legionsoup3210d ago

There's a trophy for getting to level 10 online. Not that that takes long or is very difficult, but I think that might be the only one.

TheEatingVodka3210d ago

How on earth did this site give it 5 out of 5?
Seriously.. This game has the ugliest graphics I've ever seen on the PS3.. Hell if I didn't know better I'd say it's a PS2 game..
I bought it and I regret ever doing so.. I guess I learned my lesson to never listen to reviews

smashcrashbash3210d ago

Ummmm..... yeah its not the only site that has done that. And a PS2 game? I think you exaggerate to make a very mindless point. If you don't like R3 fine but please cut the exaggeration and drama to do it.

CloseSecond3210d ago

Definitely no PS2 game however, the graphics are nowhere near the same standard as other PS3 exclusives.

kikizoo3210d ago

Don't feed the troll/liar.

the game, with 135 reviews (including the ms partners ones) has 8,6/10 or more now, so you are talking about a game and a console you don't have..(and your console don't have a single game with graphics like that : they are more beautifull after several chapters)

CloseSecond3210d ago

You keep attacking anyone who presents a different opinion to yours and labelling them a troll. Yet your attacks are laden with facts, figures and comments that in my mind make you a fanboy. Therefore, your as much of a troll as anyone you go out of your way to attack.

Tell me, what did you personally think of R3. What was its strengths and weaknesses in your mind? Prove to everyone you're not just a mindless fanboy.

Why o why3210d ago

you dont like sony too much.. The games a solid game...not as pretty as killzone 2-3 but the set pieces weather effects and story were well worth the purchase. Just pretend its NOT a sony game....fixed

Ser3210d ago

Yeah, right...A PS2 game? You might need to get a pair of glasses, buddy.

RememberThe3573210d ago

Shut up, you love this game and you now it.


dcortz20273210d ago

Resistance 3 a PS2 game? Stop making a fool out of yourself buddy. If you don't have anything smart to say, then don't even bother saying anything at all. Resistance 3 is no graphical beast, but it's definitely above average with really good visual effects. Try playing the game on an HDTV next time..

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CloseSecond3210d ago

On normal difficulty I completed it in around 7 hours.

WayneKerr3210d ago

Good SP 4/5 Terible MP 2/5 overall 6/10 imo

MidnytRain3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Hmm.. That's a flawed system you used. You weighed in the single- and multiplayer modes equally.