Ubisoft threatens to sue comedy forum over Jade Raymond, Assassin's Creed

Ubisoft's legal counsel has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the webmaster of via email and express mail. Here is an abstract:

"Ubisoft has recently learned that the extremely offensive pornographic image (the "Image") accessible at [] is being used on your website located at [and/or]"

"...the Image's blatant, vile, and unauthorized misappropriation of Ms. Raymond's name and likeness, and your conduct in using the Image on your Site, have caused immeasurable harm to Ms. Raymond's reputation and career, and constitute an egregious infringement of Ms. Raymond's personal rights and privacy rights..."

"Ubisoft hereby demands that you immediately: (1) permanently remove the Image from your Site, databases and servers and prevent any further uploading or display thereof; (2) permanently cease and desist all unauthorized use and hosting of images using the ASSASSIN'S CREED mark and Ms. Raymond's name and/or likeness; (3) provide us with the name and contact information of the person who originally created and/or posted the Image; and (4) complete, execute, and return to me the enclosed Declaration by November 16, 2007 to confirm that you are complying with Ubisoft's demand."

Ubisoft have prepared a declaration for the webmaster of to sign. The full cease-and-desist letter and attached declaration are available at the source.

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TnS4177d ago

This forum post contains the link to the image in question.
View only if you are over 18 years old. :)

AnalFace4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

We are so sued! ahahahahaaaa

Blogging 101.

Never have
Given into
Game developers' over
Exaggerated legal documents
Regarding some filthy

B*tch who
Always dresses like a
Loose and

socomnick4177d ago

lol that comic was hilarious I regret buying assasins cred its so repetitive and the lack of variety is annoying. Not to mention theres very little ranged weapons.

jackfatal4177d ago

i want the real one!!!
not the comic one!!

by the way i said it from the beginning that she is acting like a porn star or promoting a porn movie!! really that what i saw in her from a while ago!! she should take it easy and act like a big girl not like 8 years old innocent girl!!
this world is full of dirty people so she should give them the golden chance!!

JsonHenry4177d ago

How exactly has this done damage to her career? She is more famous now than ever!

She could probably even do one of those celebrity reality TV shows now!

fusionboxer4177d ago

She's simply a producer for a game that she's excited about and things like this pop up on the net. Now it's not an age thing, because some older guys are complete sickos compared to the supposedly horny 16 year old searching the net for porn out of curiosity.

The problem here is the fact that a huge number of gamers are actually condoning and allowing this type of content to make them laugh let alone make them feel they need to share it with everyone. It's a stupid comic, with a stupid sense of humor and really makes me ashamed that I even read the garbage at all.

Sure i could say "grow up", but the fact of the matter is that some people are disgusting and have no sense of what's right and wrong. Regardless of whether or not it's a comic, or "just humor" this isn't right. What if it was your damn mom, sister, cousin, or other family member in that comic. I'd be pissed and taking legal action would be the last thing i think of when physical action would be much more gratifying.

Anyway I apologize for the rant. I don't mean to generalize the entire N4g commenting community cause there are probably more "good" posters out there then bad. It's just the idiots who stand out that make me ashamed to even stop by.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Attached is the comic which she is talking about.

18+ Only.


I removed comic so I don't get in trouble. It was a comic of Jade sucking of gamers and asks them to buy her game.

Personally I think once you are in public eye you have to accept that people will make satire of you.

ShiftyLookingCow4177d ago

N4G is going to get a cease and desist letter now

CRIMS0N_W0LF4177d ago

Um i think I should remove attached pic I think its too risky I don't want trouble.

what you think :3?

The Real Joker4177d ago

reported as extremely funny and awesome.

Evil0Angel4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

edit: i saw it(i saw it, u get the bubble),what the big deal with the pic? why ubi is pissed off?

CRIMS0N_W0LF4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Wow this topic is HOT

Nostradavis4177d ago

Way to reinforce that stereotype guys!

sectionz4177d ago

Thats about the funniest thing ive seen all year. Not to mention the best gaming political statement on how ubisoft marketed this piece of TRASH.

gamesR4fun4177d ago

funny crude sure but still funny cause they been pimping that girl to sell their game since the get go. Still cant blame them for wanting to shut it down poor Jade probably isnt laughing.
Still Id dl her sex tape if there was one ;)

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gamesblow4177d ago

hahahahahhahahah, that's classic. Couldn't have happened to a better person. That's awesome.

QuackPot4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago ) might need to take sometime to think about that one I guess.

senerock4177d ago ubi's gonna sue u!!!!!

goodganja4177d ago

Wow. For once I can actually understand Ubisoft's concern over the issue.

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