Naughty Dog: 'Gritty Xbox Shooters' Shaped Uncharted

NowGamer: Uncharted has become the series it is today thanks to Sony feeling pressure from the success of Xbox with its 'gritty shooters', an ex-Naughty Dog developer has revealed.

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WhiteLightning3678d ago

Developers look at other games all the time, not really surprized. Least in the end it turned into a differen't game then a "gritty shooter" on the 360...where most of them are FPS

Hell even Gears of War was shaped by Resident Evil 4, with the over the shoulder gameplay.

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SuperLupe3678d ago

Who better than Naughty Dog themselves to know what shaped Uncharted.

Sony said "Next gen starts when we say it does so" but ironically next gen started with Gears.

Gears popularized the cover system and paved the way to a lot of games this gen it's pretty obvious. At least Naught Dog have the integrity to admit it.

One of the coolest devs in the business me thinks.

LOGICWINS3678d ago

"Sony said "Next gen starts when we say it does so" but ironically next gen started with Gears."

Yeah...I can agree with that.

Peaceful_Jelly3678d ago

Just based on your disagrees count it's obvious that many people are still in denial. The truth can't be more clear than that!

buddymagoo3678d ago

Does it really matter who started it as long as we keep getting these great games???

SilentNegotiator3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"but ironically next gen started with Gears"

They never specify Gears of War. Gears was hardly the first gritty successful shooter on the 360. And by the way ND words it, it sounds more aesthetics than anything else.

People still claim that Uncharted: DF "ripped" off Gears of War because it was cover based, but do you really think they COMPLETELY changed everything in the year between Gears release and Uncharted's?

Preposterous. Uncharted was pushed to being more realistic. Xbox shooters pushed a different setting. Whoop-de-doo.

I don't care if Uncharted's setting was Magic Fairy Land if the gameplay were just as great and just as exponentially more fluid than what people compare it to.

WhiteLightning3678d ago

"Sony said "Next gen starts when we say it does so" but ironically next gen started with Gears."

The thing is though you would have to to the "seed" of everything and I think that was RE4. Without them getting inspiration from RE4 there would be no Gears

Basicaly what I'm saying is without that seed there is nothing to water.

Cenobia3678d ago

Gears was not the first 3rd person cover system shooter.

I know you said "popularized" but that means absolutely nothing. It shouldn't get credit for something just because it had a big budget and a huge marketing campaign.

For some reason a lot of people compare Gears and Uncharted as if Gears invented the gameplay, which it didn't.

Ri0tSquad3678d ago

Old UC1 concept art and 2006 trailers will show you it had its own cover system planned before Gears release. The foundation for Uncharted's gameplay and approach comes from older games, not Gears.

Anyways, this is about the influence for UC's realism, but everyone is bringing up Gears without reading the article.

Kleptic3678d ago may not be right, but thats how the industry works...

and MS has made a fortune in western software doing exactly that...taking mechanics already used in almost indy games...and blowing them open with huge marketing campaigns...

I can't tell you how many people I met in college that thought Halo was the first first person shooter...those weren't kids in 2001...we were all 18'ish...yet a ton of them had never even heard or saw an fps before that...

Halo popularized the first person genre in the console market...period...doesn't really mean anything, as the franchise is nothing like what it used to be (thank CoD for that)...and Gears popularized the cover mechanic and action based TPS games (not survival horror, which went no where, proven by RE5's dastardly control scheme)...

RedDead3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Actually Gears was the first real game to stand up to the 'next gen' claim imo. I was amazed when it came out. That was the first time I had the 'online experience' and the graphics were excellent back then to boot. Presentation, online, gameplay. That was Gears. That's this gen in a nutshell, Presentation, Online...and with luck you'll get the gameplay.

thrasherv33678d ago

@SuperLupe "At least Naught Dog have the integrity to admit it"

An ex-Naughty Dog developer was quoted not a current employee.

Why o why3678d ago

'Actually Gears was the first real game to stand up to the 'next gen' claim imo. I was amazed when it came out. That was the first time I had the 'online experience' and the graphics were excellent back then to boot.'


i said the same damn thing almost. Gears 1 showed me next gen had arrived. Uncharted has pushed the bar further but gears one showed me how real this gen could be

MaxXAttaxX3678d ago

They said nothing about Gears shaping Uncharted.

All they talked about was Sony's push for games to look more realistic, like some Xbox games were.

The whole time Naughty Dog is talking about the looks and character modelling/rendering.

The author added the word "shape" to the title and a picture of Gears next to it and you fanboys filled in the blanks.

vickers5003678d ago

"I know you said "popularized" but that means absolutely nothing."

Wrong. It means a lot, seeing how it influenced a lot of todays great over the shoulder tps games, just as Halo deserves some credit for influencing many of todays great FPS games (and I hate halo btw, but I know that it deserves some credit).

"It shouldn't get credit for something just because it had a big budget and a huge marketing campaign."

It didn't. It gets credit because it was an AMAZING game. Extremely fun an addictive multiplayer, graphics and presentation that were absolutely phenomenal, a decent campaign made good with the inclusion of online co-op. If you honestly believe Gears wasn't great then sorry, but you either didn't play it, or you're just a fanboy. Hell, even if you don't care much about graphics/online/co-op, you still have to respect that it was a good game.

humbleopinion3677d ago

Well said superlupe. This is a great demonstration of how the best new IP on one console helped the best new IP of another console.

Maybe it's not *just* gears that set that influence, but it's much more obvious then other games based on the article. After all, what other gritty 3rd person shooters with cover based mechanics did MS introduce apart from gears? Halo is not a third person shooter, and it's as further away from gritty as a game can get.

The funniest thing here is how so many people here claim "but but but... Uncharted trailers showed 3rd person mechanics before Gears was actually released!" yet they forget that Gears itself showed the same mechanics in gameplay trailers over a year and a half before it was released

DaTruth3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Ha, they changed the article picture because nobody read the article and started fighting over Gears influencing Uncharted!

So many pointless comments!!!

Although my comment is also about that topic I was clearly making fun of people who said a game could influence another game when they are separated by 10 months!

@Above: I thought MS doesn't show games far from release? I guess whatever supports today's argument!

Inception3677d ago

Before Gears, there's Time Crisis, MGS, Killswitch, etc who popularized cover system. So NO, the cover system are not popularized by Gears. FACT!

Edito3677d ago

And who said that popular equals to nextgen??? Uncharted is the more realistic form of Next Gen and gears is a good game...

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-PINNER-3678d ago

Hot dog cart doing very well, new hot dog cart arrives and also sells pizza, first hot dog cart starts selling pizza.

The only thing I find interesting here is the details about what the game started out to be.

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dragonelite3678d ago

Not to be jack ass but ps3 had more shooters this year if im not mistaken.

oricon3677d ago


Gears was in development before Uncharted just sayin.

kevnb3677d ago

meh, call of duty 2 started this gen.

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milohighclub3678d ago

I would like naughty dog to make the game he describes but with uncharted level art and modelling. the concept sounds fantastic!

milohighclub3678d ago

Why the disagree? Please enlighted me?

LOGICWINS3678d ago

This is N4G..u can get disagrees for saying that the sky is blue.

GraySnake3678d ago

dude Logic...the sky is white with blue clouds.

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Mrmagnumman3573678d ago

i dont really want a game like he described but i didn't disagree with you

milohighclub3678d ago

2 true! anyway on topic, the concept sounds cool, wish we could see some tech demos n concept art.

A-Glorious-Dawn3678d ago


The sky isn't really blue though. Lolz ;)

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Feckles3678d ago

It's good that Uncharted didn't end up looking gritty – much prefer the bright colours, really flies in the face of most 'next gen' games with all their browns and grays.

LOGICWINS3678d ago

"much prefer the bright colours, really flies in the face of most 'next gen' games with all their browns and grays."

Me too. Those colors and variety of different lush environments def helped Killzone 3 become the best FPS experience I've had this generation IMO. MAJOR step up from KZ2 in the colors department.

GraySnake3678d ago

i agree, though KZ2's colors fit pretty well with it. Crysis 2 had a nice range of colors too.

TyrionL3678d ago

I was playing that the other day and I loved the way they make the ocean in the arctic location feel. It was absolutely immersive.

fastrez3678d ago

Uncharted 3 is anything but gritty

Tired3677d ago

Have you played it? Anything but gritty?

It's set in a more gritty do you need it?
Ever been to a beach? Sand gets EVERYWHERE!

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