Fallout 3 Preview @ PixelRage

A post-nuclear oblivion or a game that dares to continue the success story of one of the most beloved series? See yourself from PixelRage preview.

"War, war never changes"
And indeed it doesn't. This is the phrase that kept gamers awake for nearly 10 years as Black Isle gave them the bread and water they needed under the form of Fallout. It is probably the single greatest game ever made. Not because of high poly count, latest shaders, use of directX 10 or any other tricky little tech term but because of the fantastic gameplay, one that could easily kidnap you from real life for hours."

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MK_Red3990d ago

Super crazy awesome find. "It is probably the single greatest game ever made." Couldn't agree more. God, I wish codename Van Buren could be finished and Black Isle was still around...

fermcr3989d ago

Fallout 1 and 2 are great ... let's hope that Fallout 3 cames better

urban bohemian3989d ago

"To make a long story short if you haven't played any of the Fallout games please turn off your pc and find another hobby because you cannot call yourself a gamer."

Gamingisfornerds3989d ago

Looking at the previews of this game I really am excited about this one! I just love action RPG's and with Bethesda's input this game basicly can't go wrong.

I love the fact that it takes place in this apocalyptic enviroment and not in the 'trendy' medieval period with nothing but forests and caves to explore. And the inclusion of more 'high-tech' weapons instead of swords and daggers really intrigues me.

Bing it on Bethesda! :)