Thumb-Culture: Gears of War 3 Campaign Review

Thumb-Culture says of the campaign: "And that’s Gears of War 3 in it’s armoured, foul-mouthed nutshell. For fans, it’s a best case scenario; easily the highlight of the series, taking it as far as the boundaries of the concept will allow. But now those boundaries are more noticeable than ever, and while it’s a pleasure to see one of my favourite series of this generation wrap up with such polish and mastery, I’m aching to see what Epic will produce once they’ve moved beyond their own restrictions."

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gogospeedracer3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Most Impressive title of the year so far. Definitely the bar has been set high!
I've mentioned it before and I will do it again, The Graphics are Amazing! Best looking game to date for any system!

SantistaUSA3241d ago

Gotta say that I still can't believe that it got so much better than the previous gears, more color, great smoke effects, just pure awesome :)

Playing co op is fun as hell, i'm about to start act V :)

InNomeDiDio3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Just as you said "Best looking game to date for any System" you confirmed you are a Fanboy.

Yes Teedogg. There are games on PS3 that look better. And we don't need to mention PC Games what he did by telling us it looks better than anything on any system.
And imo for example no game on consoles ever matched God of War 3 on PS3. The image quality of this games is something which is also stunning for me as a PC Gamer.

gogospeedracer3241d ago

Actually InNome I'm not a fanboy. I happen to have all of the systems. Day one on the 360 and the PS3. You can forget about the Fanboy junk.

I'm not knocking the PS3. I am talking purely from a graphics stand point. If you haven't seen the game then you really should. It is an impressive feat! I wasn't expecting it to be that dang good!

I have God of War, I have Killzone (all of them and the DLC) and the Uncharteds. They are awesome games! I also have top of line computers. Heck I'm a web developer. I've got 8 PC's in my house! It's over kill but freaking awesome. Got to say. Haha

As for TeeDogg, Crysis is a great looking game. I can't wait for the 1st one to come out. But IMO it isn't as good as Gears. Equal to Killzone but not better.

I pride myself as not to be fanboy. I can state the pros and cons of each system without being in denial. Just like when I build a computer or purchase one, there are pros and cons.

InNomeDiDio3241d ago

Honestly, when you think Gears 3 looks better than games like Metro 2033, Crysis, Crysis 2, Hard Reset, The Witcher 2 etc on PC maxed out and in true 1080p then you should get a quick eye check by your doctor. Alone the resolution makes it less impressive than most of the PC Games. I think we would all know this by now. And you have 8 computer but no clue of what your talking about. Let us all forget this and move on.

teedogg803241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I have the game, and yes it does look good. I also own a PS3 and IMO Killzone 3 has way better graphics than this game. Hell, Crysis 2 also tops it in the graphics department. But still it's an excellent game.

banner3241d ago

Dude... Just cause you seen the game on a couple of you tube vids doesn't mean you have the game.

I question you having it cause you said kz3 looks "way" better as if its miles ahead. Imo in the graphics out of kz3,crysis2, and gears 3, the order is gears crysis2, kz3. But none look way better than the other they all look great and have there own style.

teedogg803241d ago

@banner Of course I have the game. My name is teedogg80 on xbox live if you need proof.

banner3241d ago

Ok... So maybe you do, ill take your word for it. But how did you come to the conclusion that kz3 looks "way" better? I have all 3 games and can understand that some like kz3 better in graphics for there own reasons, but to say it looks way better is just bs. There is no games on the ps3 that is head and shoulder better looking than 360 games. Slightly better is debatable but nothing looks way better. That's just a myth you sony fanatics have going on around here.

Thumb-Culture3241d ago

This is my first review, so I'd be very appreciative of any feedback (please comment beneath the article itself if you do).

Thank you,


SantistaUSA3240d ago

Good job man, great review, the only thing I would add is a few pics from the game.

Now I'm going back to horde mode :D

Thumb-Culture3240d ago

Thank you very much. As far as I know, images embedded in the review aren't site policy.

Horde mode is fantastic. Not gonna have many gripes at all when I review the multiplayer.

SantistaUSA3240d ago

well that sucks! OMG the the new horde mode is more addictive than ever, it is miles better than last one!

I played all the way to wave 47 and the host had to leave and for some reason the system didn't reselect a new host :( Seems like that's the only thing I see that they need to work on. This game is worth every penny tho! :D

BabyTownFrolics3241d ago

good article

I do find it curious that here we have a great game with great reviews but all that has made it to top are stories dealing with sony.

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