Microsoft's Xbox 360 goes 65nm: Falcon Dissection and Power Consumption

While there's no conclusive way of proving whether or not these new Xbox 360s will reduce the chances of the dreaded RRoD, the geek in AnandTech couldn't help but try out one of these babies, test it and take it apart.

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Hapimeses3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

That was a fascinating read. I'll admit to ignorance regarding RRoD and what caused it, and am surprised to see that this ignorance is fairly widespread, with a lot of supposition going around regarding it's true nature, and little in the way of truth to be found. I only know that of the three people I know with an Xbox360 (my brother, and two of my closest friends), one has suffered from RRoD (the friend in question, Steve, has yet to contact Microsoft about it yet as he's a bit annoyed and really lazy); all their consoles are less than 6 months old.

I was also interested to read how the chips and internal structures were changing (or not), and what sort of a difference these changes made to the use of the machine (unfortunately, no difference to the noise). However, I was a little shocked to read that the newer chips and heat sinks may only have a small, or perhaps even no, difference to the instance of RRoD. Given that I was considering purchasing an Xbox to play online with different friends of mine, and to try out Mass Effect (I love Bioware), I'll admit I'm not so sure now.

Is RRoD really that common?

I know that this site is proliferated with die-hard fans of one console or the other, but we're all gamers in the end, and want the best experiences. So, time to ask a question, in the hope people will answer in a mature and balanced fashion:

Is there anyone out there that has suffered RRoD first hand (not a brother, or cousin, or friend, or pet, or whatnot)?

If it is as prevalent as some people seem to claim, surely upwards of a third of Xbox users would have to say yes? This seems a little unlikely to me, or there would surely be more people being rationally annoyed with Microsoft on this site (rather than randomly spouting off because they own a PS3, or Wii, or just hate Microsoft, or whatever). After all, when I buy a product, I don't expect it to only last for 3 years. I've bought about 6 different consoles in my time, and only one has broken down (a very abused launch PS2 after 6 years of constant use). Will the same stand for a 360? Have I any chance of using the same Xbox 360 5 years later at all? If not, I'm sorely disappointed. Can anyone set me straight here?

Thanks in advance.


nirwanda3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I just got mine back and it does sound a little quieter and has non of the cracking noises it used to get,
my friend fixes them himself he's just bought a core back to life the main problem he say's is with the x-clamps that hold the heatsinks to the chips they are made of metal and expand at a different rate to the heatsinks and dislodge the heatsink from the chips.

this is why the towel trick works the x-clamps heat up when it gets to a certain heat they snap the heatsink back into place

tell your friend that it's just a simple phone call to ms no questions asked (except for various stuff like serial num and a check on the power supply and cables) and they send someone to you to pick it up free of charge(no postage) and drop it back off in just under 3 weeks

zaything3991d ago

It happened to me twice my friend twice and my cousin once. As fair as not hearing much about it thats MS's money and influence in the business world keeping it as quiet as possible and getting people to claim its a minor annoyance and how micro is taking great care of there customers when in fact no other manufacturer would accept a 14% failure rate there would be a recall extending the warranty is just away to try to get out of replacing every 360 in knowing even with the defect some will last longer than 3 years and having your xbox gone for a month is a major pain not a minor annoyance. To be fair though there are 3 other xboxs i know of going strong

Hapimeses3991d ago

Yeah, Steve knows what he's got to do, but, as I said, he's really lazy.
Bit of a shame really, as he hasn't played Halo yet (it's been down for a while).

So, I trust yours died then? Can I ask how long it lasted?

Ouch, that sounds pretty bad. Does anyone else feel it's as high as a 14% failure rate? I've heard both higher and lower, but the stories here are far from filling me with confidence.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I don't know about the new Falcon systems but the failure rate of the Xbox 360 was about 30%, not 14%. Which is god aweful.

nirwanda3990d ago

It lasted just under 2years it was a uk launch console and lasted nearly 2 years of near constant use

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The Real Joker3991d ago

Well I have a 360 and about 6 friends that do also. Out of the bunch, one has had the RROD. So what is that like 16%? lol

BloodySinner3991d ago

Based on what you just told us, it's 16.7%.

Tsalagi3991d ago

That's too small of a group to make a judgment though. Now if everyone in your town owned one and the defect rate was 14% i would be worried.

Out of me and all my friends who own a 360 just me and my brother have had them fail (me two and him one). Hopefully these new chips will finally get whatever is causing it fixed.

Hapimeses3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

@Death Eater:
May I ask how long you have had your machines? Are they launch consoles? Or are they all new consoles bought fairly recently?

Again, may I ask you how old your machines are? Old or new? I've spotted on other forums that it tends to be older launch consoles that are most prone to RRoDing, and I'm hoping my mate's relatively new one collapsing is an isolated case.

And two for you alone? That's pretty rough! Are you still happy with Microsoft? I'd be pissed! Did it take a month each time to replace it, or was your story a little different?

@ThaGeNeCySt: Wow! That's far from promising news. The only bit that sounds good is the two years of play thing; but that's what I would expect, so doesn't really overwhelm me.

So, I trust you are still happy with the games and quality of the experience (the bit I think we can all agree looks good), but how do you feel about the quality of the machine itslf? As it stands, I'm not sure I want to buy into it at all, as it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Is that a mistake?

ThaGeNeCySt3991d ago

it's a systematic crash lol... I had my xbox360 from november 05 to october 07 (got my replacement 2 thursdays ago after about 11 business days without it).. I guess I had a good run after many hours of playing on almost a daily basis... my older brother has had his 360 for almost a year, no problems... a friend of mine bought his 360 from another friend.. his died and is in the process of being repaired.. another friend of mine had a dead 360 from launch... got it replaced the next day... lasted a year, then RRoD... smh @ Microsoft...

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Vojkan3991d ago

Xbox 360 is CRAP! I have it and PS3 and Wii, so all of those that just have 360 SHUT UP!!! Don't even try to tell me otherwise when you have just that system and can't compare it to superiority of PS3.

PS3 is MASTERsystem

Xbox 360 sub-system and it should die!


TheMART3991d ago

Right. You have one. Really. Sure.

PS3 is a master system indeed. A MasterBluRay system

Silver Bull3t3991d ago

Maybe you can trade them all in on some fuking brains. Go back to playing with blocks Timmy.

felidae3991d ago

get a life.

both systems offer something great.

right now, some multiplatform games are really better on the 360.

i said many bad things about the 360 in the last months but after playing some of the multi-games on both systems i really have to agree that most of them run and look better on the xbox 360 (skate, Jericho, Simpsons, Darkness, F.E.A.R., Tiger Woods 08)

don't get me wrong - i love my PS3 and playing Ratchet is so much fun. can't wait for Uncharted. but i also can't wait for Mass Effect because both will be great games, that's for sure.

all the bashing makes no sense - and this also goes out to people like TheMART because if games like Uncharted, HS, Ratchet and Folklore get good reviews - why miss them? i think if you want to play all the great games you should own every system. it's always easy to say that everything for the xbox 360 is better but if you only own a xbox 360, you have no rights to say that.

and in the end, everybody can play and like what he wants.

now give me a Wii so i can play SMG and MP: Corruption, god damn!

BIGBAER3991d ago

Did nasim give it a tug?

You can put it back now. We already know you're an idiot.

By the way do you have to wear a helmet when you ride the short bus? And where'd you find one so big?

ry-guy3990d ago

I hope Sega is calling up their lawyers because last time I checked Sega owns the original Master System ;)

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MrWonderful3991d ago

as long as my elite dosent crap out im cool. i got 2 premiums that gotRRoD that are collecting dust right now so i might try to fix them and mod them

bednet3991d ago

Gees, talk about wasting money...can't MS repair them?

You could probably buy a new gaming PC with all that money...I know, I know, thing don't always happen the way you'd like. But seriously, you bought it 3 times!!!

Hapimeses3991d ago

So, you're on to your third machine, yes? Doesn't that seem excessive to you? I only ever bought 1 N64, or 1 PS1, and both still work well. You seem to be suggesting that the liklihood of the Xbox doing the same is pretty low. Is that right?

I keep hearing that the newer machines are much more reliable. But, given Steve's experience (see my first post), and given just how poor the first machines seem to be, I'm really scared that I may be buying a timebomb. Given how many machines seem to have broken down in such a short period of time (only 2 years), how much worse may it be getting soon? What do you think to that?

Ignorant Fanboy3991d ago

Your stupid if you just keep buying a new one, we still have another year of free warranty, no matter when you bought it.

ShiftyLookingCow3991d ago

That was really informative. I hope Jasper pretty much kills RROD.

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