From Software’s unique punishment for players who broke Dark Souls’ street date

Find out From Software’s unique way of punishing players who broke the Japanese street date for Dark Souls and decided to play it online prematurely.

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callahan093208d ago

Haha, that's brilliant and awesome!

RememberThe3573208d ago

Honestly I think they're one of the actual creative Japanese devs. I can't even play Demon's Souls because it too damn hard (yeah, yeah f*ck you guys lol), but I've been impressed with their willingness to take risks. They're doing what no one else is doing and everything they do seems to be like that. Awesome.

n4gisatroll3208d ago

It's not even hard lol I beat it 3 times and working on my 4th time. I got it at launch but haven't played in awhile :(

synchroscheme3208d ago

They're very adamant about not following the mainstream trends. They are out to make games that they think are fun and challenging, regardless of what other developers are doing.

Elyxir-pSx3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Anybody can beat it with a strategy guide. My praise is to those who beat the game without a strategy guide or help.

darren_poolies3207d ago

I absolutely love Demons Souls but I think it's difficulty is overrated and I am one of those people that completed it without a strategy guide or help.

one2thr3207d ago

I've only beaten it once, and yes that game is hard (without guides, or help) it was hard as hell to defeat king Duran, and the Tower Knight was also difficult (because his size, intimidated me) his a freckin GIANT!...... And i for one cannot believe anyone that beaten it their very first time playing it without a guide or help and on top of that beaten Vanguard the Impossible st a soul level of 1...... Hell i was stuck in a room for about a hour and a half, that doesnt have any enemies......
"So the world might be mended".......

Denethor_II3207d ago


Without a guide? Fuck that. Maybe I'll try with Dark Souls.

pixelsword3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@ Remember:

play it online and get lots of assistance from people with experience: send out those beacons requesting help; that's the way it was meant to be played if you need the help. I play it offline most of the time (and no guides [never thought to get one, lol]) to retain world tendency in some areas, but I love to play it online when I don't need to keep my tendencies.

OT: I think the writer of the story might have went online a little early...

n4gisatroll3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I still stand by it not being that hard, especially after the first time. Disagree all you may. But its easy when you take your time. Oh ya, it probably helps having magic too ;D

Anon19743207d ago

Demon's Souls has hands down been one of my favorite games this gen, if not making my top 10 games list of all time (I don't actually have a list, but Demon's Souls would be on it if I did)

I like this way of dealing with it. You can't really be too hard on them for this. If some retailer broke street date, how is that the consumers fault, or what about advanced copies sent to reviewers, etc.

Sending Black Phantoms to kick their ass brings a smile to my face, and the effects aren't that big of a deal.

Can't wait for this game to hit Canada.

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SilentNegotiator3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago ) be fair, at least they BOUGHT a new copy of the game. Then again, if they're such hardcore fans of the first game that they would buy this one so early, maybe they will appreciate the challenge :)

BigBoss073207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I can just imagine the devs thought process to come to this conclusion:

Bobby, "Hey Jim, some retail chumps released our game early. The players are already online leveling up and taking our swag"

Jim, "[email protected], that means those players will be way ahead of us when we restart our characters on release day. Send in the phantoms."

Bobby, "You mean THOSE phantoms. The one's I created to F' with the Q/A guys during test week."

Jim, "Yes, we'll teach those suckers not mess with us and our rules. We're From Software, the destroyer of hopes and dreams, the creators of the "Prepare to Die" game. We've got to save face here, Bobby."

Bobby, "Jim, consider it done. The Black Brigade shall march AGAIN!!!!"

-Q/A guys cower in fear-
Whispers..., "Not the phantoms, I spent three day getting 10 million souls for them to take it all away from me like that."

"Yeah... what's worse is Jim was standing in his office evil laughing when he gave the order."
-Jim's office-

Jim, "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaughu hghguhguh!!!!...(man, laughed so hard I got into a coughing fit. Still, that'll teach'em to not mess with us)" -Evil grin-

BlmThug3207d ago

I have just gained new respect for them.

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MeatAbstract3208d ago

Thats so awesome! I can also imagine the players are having a ball trying outrun those high level BP.

Nightfallen3208d ago

From Software have really been creative and unique with Demons and Dark Souls. Their future games have so much potential with these multiplayer aspects. Demons Souls was an amazing game, looking forward to Dark Souls more than anything this year. That says alot considering I have Skyrim, Uncharted 3 and AC:R on my reserve list.

thornh3207d ago

Same page brother. Of all the games coming out for the rest of the year those three you have listed and Dark Souls are the only ones I am getting. I fugure it this way:

Uncharted 3 - shortest game in the lot. Maybe 12 hours SP and I'll be done. Not into MP.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations - 40 hours SP? Still haven't gotten everything in Brotherhood.

Skyrim - 100 hours? Maybe more.

Dark Souls - well I've "only" put in 40 hours so far on Demon's Souls. I'm like a level 42 or something. Haven't even scratched the surface of that game yet so I'll be playing Dark Souls for the next three years probably.

I will love all of these games but from everything I've seen so far Dark Souls will have a very good shot at being GOTY even with all of the tremendous competition.

GameSpawn3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

~55 hours on Demon's Souls and around level 146. Yeah, I was just about to beat my first play through and my PS3 dies loosing all that work and effort. Haven't picked up the game since.

That 55 hours felt more like 200. I won't say Demon's Souls is hard. It tends to sway between challenging and frustrating, not hard. Leveling also becomes time consuming very quickly, despite taking advantage of a pure black world 4-2.

Hell, I'm still pissed. I had the Gloom armor set and was finally leveled high enough I could move and run freely with no penalties. Had a fully leveled Winged Spear, Purple Flame Shield, and Sticky Compound Short Bow (Upgraded it before I had a chance to get the Long Bow version) and a Level 2 Dark Silver Shield. I also had the Talisman of Beasts and a great spell set. All that just pissed away. Would you start all over?

Just because of this I have no intention of getting Dark Souls. I'm not going to deny anyone else from either of these games. GET THEM. They are GREAT games from a GREAT company. Just BACK UP YOUR SAVES!!!

MysticStrummer3208d ago

Hate be cynical, but I'm a cynic. Publicity stunt. It worked. Can't wait to play it.

chidesd3208d ago

wish one of the people who got it early would record them get ass stomped that would be funny

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