Dead Nation Patch: Do Not Update

It appears that the patch for Dead Nation that went live last night has a few problems. The following has been posted by Housemarque on the Dead Nation Facebook page:

We are investigating a possible save game problem which occurs after patch v1.06 which was released last night. We have received reports that in some cases the patch resets the campaign progress. In the meantime please do not update if you are worried about losing your campaign progress.

This might be a problem if you have PS+ as by the time you get home Dead Nation may have patched itself.

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JoGam3218d ago

They need to just remove the patch so no one else could download it.

waltyftm3218d ago

Well said, was going to have a game of co-op today on this, but Red dead has bears to be killed.

lorianguy3218d ago

Exactly. It's not hard to do, is it Sony?

DarkTower8053218d ago

Seems pretty obvious right? What's up with the patch though. I wasn't aware of any issues to begin with.

KwietStorm3218d ago

It's likely for the DLC coming next week.

KwietStorm3218d ago

Well I hope my system didn't auto download. I completed the game a while back though, so this shouldn't matter, right? Does the coming DLC have any ties to anything you already completed?

Kleptic3218d ago

well if it did, you can still delete the patch out the game data section of the might not corrupt your save data until you actually try to load the game...

either way, that wouldn't hurt anything...but may not save your save file...

KwietStorm3218d ago

Yea I was thinking that, but also since I already have a save file uploaded to online storage, I should be good either way. I could just delete the broken file and download the good one.

Arkham3218d ago

Like: PS+
Don't Like: Auto-Update
Love: Cloud Save Storage

LoneWanderer093218d ago

Hopefully mine did not auto-download since am about to finish Grim Mode

jriquelme_paraguay3218d ago

Lol... i think this was for Dead Island... and think "No waaaaaay.. again?"


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