Blizzard on control pads for Diablo 3: "the style of the game lends itself to a console."

PC Gamer speak to Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson about Blizzard experimenting with control pads for Diablo 3. He says Diablo 3 "feels even better with direct control," and thinks that "the style of the game lends itself to a console."

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gogospeedracer3207d ago

What? A controller? For Diablo? Get out of town! That would be like steering a submarine with cell phone!

Baka-akaB3206d ago

You do realize there was already a diablo game on console ? It was an inferior port obviously , but nothing that hard to port on consoles .

Dungeon crawler and even a common commodities on then .

Shadowaste3206d ago

Next gen consoles may get it, why bother with this gen, it'll be over in 1 year most likely and there is ZERO way Blizzard will have a console port made in 1 year even if they sub it out to some other developer like they always have done with console ports.

Basjohn3206d ago

There really is a ludicrous assumption that this generation is already over going around across n4g. It isn't.

NOTHING you hear about now or for the next 6 months will wait for the next generation (Obviously excluding Wii U). Remember, developers develop 2 fold. 1) WITH WHAT ACTUALLY EXISTS AT THE TIME 2) What has the largest current userbase (excluding exclusives which are dick-moves to sell consoles)

They will NOT be retarded and release a game on any console yet to prove itself (or that doesn't exist yet - I'm 1000% certain the next gen from Microsoft and Sony are both still in Alpha stages with major design changes happening daily) just like the lack of initial 3DS games has proven.

tl;dr: This generation has more life in it than most realize.

Ethereal3206d ago

There have been rumors of Blizz hiring console devs for the team. Personally I would rather play it on console.

palaeomerus3206d ago

Especially if it has an offline mode on the console.

GhettoBlasStarr3206d ago

If it comes to console, Im getting day 1 pre order & wait in line for midnite release.

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