OXM US Give Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, 8.0

When it comes to trigger-happy, explosive entertainment, what's better than The Sopranos and Jason Bourne? The answer can only be both at once, which is why OXM love the heist-flick essence that Kane & Lynch: Dead Men channels into videogame form.

Part thug brutality, part capers and hijinks, the latest wild ride from the developer of Hitman has its fair share of rough edges - maybe even more than its fair share - but its epic missions are so thrilling that they'll sear away the nuggets of disappointment you'll occasionally feel.

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Eclipticus3988d ago

i am currently on the second level. or is it the third? and damn im kinda of nervous and excited about the rest. hopefully its not all front loaded. or rests on what it has. but a HD tv and surround sound. this game is badass. Michael Mann, definatly needds to direct this movie, cause its a game, so obviously it will be optioned.

slak3988d ago

Am up to like the 6 level and dammmm this game is bad ass love it f*ck the reviews but 8 is good...... : )