Final Fantasy XIII-2: Time Paradoxes, Serah's Background Story, Blood Damage, and Chaos

Andriasang: Despite two new trailers and a new playable build, the Tokyo Game Show showing for Final Fantasy XIII-2 left us with a whole lot of questions both on the story and gameplay side of things. Famitsu answers a few of those questions this week through interviews with director Motomu Toriyama, battle director Yusuke Matsui, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura.

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Tanir3219d ago

and to the guessing this is still just cut content from the first game right?

yep, ff13 was going to have a drastic change half way through.

Redempteur3219d ago

What are you saying ? it's just cool to HATE on anything SE related on N4G ...

GrieverSoul3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Answer me this, if this isnt "leftovers" from FFXIII and they made this all from scratch, why did this game gets released within a year from XIII and XIII actually took +4 years in the making?

Not trolling or hating. This is part of FFXIII that didnt make the cut for final version. They are adding some stuff, sure, but most of these were environments they didnt get to use in FFXIII.

This might turn out to be a good game but we cant deny the fact that it was created in little over than year. Remember Versus? Where is it? If XIII-2 can be made in a year than Versus must of come out like 2 years ago.

MrSpace3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


Your right but no point trying to explain this to these FF13 lovers, they won't listen to anything negative about FF13 even though it's true.

Yes it's still made by cut content Tanir. Your paying for the second half of a crap, boring game well done.

Oh and Redempteur...

Do you not even get it...Square is hated because they keep messing up, they have lost it this gen and they have turned to sh*t.

When they do something right THEN we'll praise them. If everyone is like you, going along praising square and sticking up for them when they keep screwing us over and not listening to what we actually want then they'll never learn....and that's all because of people like you. Thanks Redempteur ¬¬

Find it funny how everyone seems cool with the time Paradoxes yet FF8 was "hated" for it......FF8 was a game that got undeserving hate, FF13 deserves it.

Redempteur3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

It's released fast because they don't have to master 2 consoles and their engine, they don't have to search , to try like everyone does during develloppement ( not everything works like a charm right away )..
Sure they had leftover ideas, so they had a Base to work on already ( like the battle system already done that they could tweak )...
This is nothing strange ...the same reason why ubisoft can make a assasin creed each year ..

Also Versus has issues , because it's on his own engine , and the team behind it is definitly smaller than the one for FF13.
Again basic develloppement issues that are perfectly normal.

The reason FF8 was disliked was
-because it's not ff7
-Because the pacing is crap
-Because many part of the story are long for no reason
-Because the dialog of the main character ( also bad ).. BUT hey .. WHATEVER , right ?

I praise what is good, and i was the first to say that ff13 had issues , however ..
-they are correcting them
-Not everything in ff13 was crap

You the ignorant , giving to the bad hype, and following the masses ( you probably didn't finish the game ) probably didn't give it a chance...
I can give good and bad points to ff13 , but for a hater like you , this is an impossible task...

ReservoirDog3163219d ago

@ griever

Building an engine for a game takes longer than actually making a game. That's why most sequels come out quicker than the original game.

Capt-FuzzyPants3219d ago

Yea man that's what the cool cats do now adays. Some people smoke some people drink and some people continually bash 13-2 when its not even out yet.

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Peaceful_Jelly3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Just think about it. Square themselves said they cut enough content from the first game as to make a new one out of it. Now you just add a couple of new character models a new story while reusing all the old scenarios.

What is so hard to comprehend? On top of that the game's packed with towns, sidequest and NPC and the game was made in like 1 year and a half while the firt one took like 4 years. The game's even coming out first than FFvsXIII even though FFXIII-2 was announced just recently.

This is crystal clear man. Everything fits perfectly. The linearity of the first game, the lack of content... The first game was made like a FPS because it was on multiple discs and that was the fastest method to accommodate it in the most concise way. Remember that for when they announced it as multi the game already had like 3 years of just PS3 development but then they added the Xbox and with it came the disc space constriction.

Now they made FFXIII-2 with the Xbox in mind and that's why they can add all the stuff that the first one lacked. The first game had way too many CGIs and voice acting for the Xbox's DVD9 to handle.

Yangus3219d ago

Maybe its cool Final Fantasy......

Tanir3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

k what i dont understand is, why dos everyone say square has sucked this gen when all they made on ps3/360 was ff13? lol

i mean, they published last remnant, didnt make it, published star ocean 4 (which was good) but they didn't make it. they made a ton of amazing psp games, and only one HD game that flopped = square sux?

yet people love COD and their map packs that have rehashes of previous game enviorment yet there is no hate for them?

games that are 6 hours long and 60$ yet no hate?

man, you guys have a very unbiased way of judging games (sarcasm)

Edit @Just_sayin

True, and i know that, but still, in a percentage perspective, more people bash ff13 than activision.

i just dont understand it, *Shrugs.

most of these haters are probably just people who play cod all day anyway

just_sayin3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

COD & Activision receives lots of hate.
look at any article about MW3

ReservoirDog3163219d ago

They do seem like they make better games on a handheld. KH BBS was ridiculously good.

I liked FFXIII. It wasn't the best game ever but it didn't have terrible flaws like they make it out to have. It's just hard to match up to BBS.

And CoD gets a tremendous amount of hate in every article on n4g.

Also, a lot of people have been on shaky grounds with square since enix came into play. I thought FFXII was much worse (just no fun to play) than FFXIII but I guess it just boiled over to a high degree when people were disappointed with XIII.

Oh, and don't forget the utter* disaster that was FFXIV.