Xbox 360 Could Soon Serve as a Verizon and Comcast Cable Box

On the Scene at TGS 2011 Xbox 360 Could Soon Serve as a Verizon and Comcast Cable Box. Microsoft is also reportedly working to bring some sort of “gaming hub” to web-connected TV

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PSVita3217d ago

that's nice but who want to turn on or leave on their Xboxs every time they want to watch TV. Boxes are simpler, take less power and are a lot quieter but for those that would like to use this, it's a great idea.

iamnsuperman3217d ago

That is one of the limitation. It is nice to have one box that does everything but these consoles are just not evolved enough that it requires low amount of power and also leaving it on for hours at a time will not damage them. It might be different in the US but the UK this will not take off. With Freeview being free and Sky and Virgin being not that expensive with internet packages this becomes irrelevant. It is a nice addition though

r1sh123217d ago

In the UK the problem with sky player is there are not enough channels.
If you have the new slim 360's they are dead quiet, and I have left mine on for 7 hours at a time. When multiple football/soccer matches are on 1 after the other..
I havent had any issues so...

ElementX3217d ago

I dunno about you but my Slim 360 is quiet and it uses less electricity than the original. I think it's a good idea. You could switch from gaming to TV without having to turn off your cable box and then turn on your console.

n4gisatroll3217d ago

I never need to turn off my cable box before I play my console. I don't feel comfortable leaving my ps3 or xbox on all day. It just gets way too hot.

StanLatMarveldotCom3217d ago

I don't turn off my cable box to play games but it would be useful having all my entertainment options in 1 box. I don't see the problem with turning on my XBox when I want to watch television or having my XBox on over long periods. I turn off my television when I'm not using it and turn it on when I am. It isn't difficult to turn on my XBox at that time.

Anon19743217d ago

We already have this is Canada. Telus will turn your Xbox into a HD cable box and link it up to your PVR as well. Of course, the catch is they charge you $50 to hook it up and an extra $5 a month for using your own 360 as such, and considering they usually just give away extra HD terminals, it makes no sense to setup your Xbox as a cable box whatsoever. Go figure.

Trophywhore3217d ago

Its hard to see the wisdom of comcast and MS partnering up at first, but then you realize they both have a lot in common. Both like to charge the living hell out of thier consumers for things that should be free. They should work well together.

HowarthsNJ3217d ago

Comcast and MS have been partners for many years now.

_Aarix_3217d ago

Its possible the xbox will go in a low power state, you can download stuff and charge controllers with the xbox off

kingdoms3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

The complaints coming from you ps3 fans are obviously nervous and envious damage control. You guys know the 360 being used as an advanced all on one cable box would be devastating to PS3. This would make Sony using PS3 as a BLU RAY player to attract consumers look like small fish. Considering many hundreds of millions more people watch TV vs HD dvds.

Samsung's and Sony's(and others) smart TV services and tech will be brought to every TV with the 360. The 360 will bring 10 times the social TV experiences smart tv would and ever could. Microsoft could marriage gaming, entertainment, social media in one package powered by Kinect.

This is why people are getting nervous.

The only noise the 360 slim makes is the power brick's fan. Get a earlier revision brick as the later ones fans are more aggressive.

PSVita3217d ago

no ones complaining, everyone's just discussing the pros and cons of this feature, if you can't handle people speaking open and honestly then why are you even here?

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golsilva3217d ago

this is the evolution of home consoles to eventually become the only box you need with your tv. 360 has espn 3, uverse, and possibly verizon/comcast and ps3 has direct tv for nfl, playtv, torne, and long rumored google tv. these moves show that both companies are positioning their consoles as the only box you need in your house. Heck, i think ps2 have already been intergrated into certain sony tvs. Can you imagine buying a tv with a ps3/360 already inside it?

iamnsuperman3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Evolution for consoles yes but not for TVs. The all in one TV are out now with internet, Freeview (in the UK). I think consoles are moving towards being media hubs but I think the TV market is moving towards being boxless

chickens3217d ago

would be a great idea until the 360/ps3 goes bust :p

EVO-OM3GA3217d ago

Thats great news for people in the US as in the UK we got SkyPlayer and its amazing!

just_looken3217d ago

ha yep and north of usa we will never get this lol its just another usa 360 exclusive app right on m$.

EVO-OM3GA3217d ago

of course its exclusive to your the region as it should be, MS are going about the right way to secure the best online service for there fanbase and if it is anything like Sky Player I can only see this being a good thing for those who have the cable service and are limited to one box in there household.

Cpt_kitten3217d ago

never dealt with comcast.....but verizon is terrible with tv and internet providing not to mention they use low quality stuff and say its new

plus i don't watch tv so i don't really care about tv service on my xbox

FragMnTagM3217d ago

Don't know where you live, but Fios is way better than Comcast. I have had both, and while I can agree Verizon's customer service needs work, their internet and TV service is one of the best I have ever had.

Comcast on the other hand charged me for something new and my bill kept going up and up every month.

NYC_Gamer3217d ago

Agree,cable Is pure garbage the bill gets higher each month for crappy tv/shared net bandwidth. Happy I switched to fios.

FragMnTagM3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I sadly don't have Fios in this area. It is really awesome for internet. It has one of fastest and most stable connections I have ever seen in an ISP.

Literally anytime I checked it it was at 20mbps, and that was nearly 6 years ago when it was first coming around. When I check what I got now (Century Link), it varies from 1 to 6mbps.

Man I wish I had Fios back. A little on the steeper side, but well worth it.

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