Why is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Using the Luminous Engine?

Andriasang: A short followup on our report from earlier today about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and its use of Square Enix's next generation "Luminous Engine" toolkit.

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bobbyluv3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

versus looked amazing before, i cant wait to see it with the lighting upgrade.

saladthieves3218d ago

Same, but if Square can't make up their minds on what to work on and not waste time with sequels to bad games, I'm afraid FF V13 might not see the light of day.

Pozzle3218d ago

It's nice to see so much FFvsXIII news being released, after so long without any.

Jappy-k73218d ago

now now Pozzle, change your avatar back to noctis coz this game is going to be waaay better than Uncharted 3!

Tanir3218d ago

wow alot of people disagreed lol. probably cuz the name is FF related and the haters dont understand how amazing Versus is going to be.

Arksine3218d ago

No Tanir, its probably because Uncharted is a great franchise.

I'm looking forward to VS, but claiming that its going to be better than UC3 is a bit premature.

Pozzle3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Haha, I'm a little freaked out you remember my old avatar. I changed it ages ago. :D

sich923218d ago

Agree!! :) Versus is based on Mother*****ing Advent Children!!xD

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Fishy Fingers3218d ago

Getting a bit late in the day for the odd tech detail here and there (while still interesting) it's time they give out some actual information on the game.

user8586213218d ago

easier to port would be my guess

MisterAV3218d ago

they use the luminous just for the lighting, a small part of the game...

Minato-Namikaze3218d ago

There is plenty of info on the game, but you have to dig for it lol. As long as it stays exclusive it'll be awesome. I would hate to have content cut from this game just because it went multi

3218d ago
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