Viacom suing Harmonix for $131M USD

Viacom is suing shareholders of music game developer Harmonix for $131M, because the publisher claims "earn-out payments" made in its 2006 acquisition of the studio, intended to keep Harmonix management locked in after the deal was done, were miscalculated.

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TheBeast3212d ago

Viacom should jump off a cliff, cause nothing but problems. Look at YouTube.

SilentNegotiator3212d ago

Anything that tries to stop YTP is evil. FACTOID.

Seriously, though, screw Viacom. They're copyright trolls (cousin of the 'patent troll') and attack things that don't really affect their business (ie 'Youtube poop'). Youtube Poop falls under fair use, you fat heads!

ScubaSteve13212d ago

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU Viacom you made youtube lame with your copyrights crap just go bankrupt

RememberThe3573212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I'm not even one who's mad about that Youtube shit, it is what it is, I'd do the same thing if I was in business. But these stupid lawsuits are clogging up an already stretched thin legal system. With all the money they make they're suing over what amounts to pocket change for them.

KingPin3212d ago

but like leeches they wont stop till they suck out every cent they possibly can.

someone in their management needs a new yacht.


wallis3212d ago

It's EXACTLY this sort of thing the justice system was invented for. Who cares if only 1 in 12 rapes make it to court? These guys want their money back.

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