Vita Preview: Uncharted: Golden Abyss

The PlayStation Vita will require amazing software to get off to a good start, and if this handheld Uncharted adventure can't do it, nothing can.

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NukaCola3209d ago

This game impresses me so much. As a luanch title, I am more than confident Sony is doing everything to ensure this system is successful.

MasterCornholio3209d ago

This game will set a new bar for graphics in handhelds. In the future i hope that all handheld devs will be able to match it in terms of visuals.

Plus the game looks fun as hell.

supremacy3208d ago

This game is quite impressive as it is, it would nice if they included some multi player in a future update.

So that I could go online with and against ps3 gamers, this could still happen.

Just there would need to be some collaboration between naughty dog and bend studios.

Imagine you go uncharted 3 and find skins from golden abyss available or a unique co-op mode in golden abyss. That would be crazy.