God of War: Origins Creators Working on a New Original IP

Dualshock Nexus: Ready at Dawn Studios; creators of the recently released God of War: Origins Collection, are apparently hard at work on a brand new IP.

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Omegabalmung3211d ago

awesome cant wait to see what it is.

badz1493211d ago

and all their games on PSP are very very good which really shows that they have the talent! I hope the can come out with a game of their own and expand their creativity. btw again...Dexter and GoW on PSP rock!

Jury3211d ago

Another one!! that's two new IPs today!!


narutogameking3211d ago

Hopefully it'll be as EPIC as God of War!

rexbolt3210d ago

watch the main char be kratos with a mo hawk

Ult iMate3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Heavenly Sword Portable?
Oh.. my mistake. It's a new IP. Good to hear. Then it's even better.

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