A Final Fantasy X Remake…But Where is Final Fantasy VII?

From last week’s Toyko Game Show, aside from reports of a giant dark cloud of Japanese sadness at another year of more cell phone games and fewer actual booths came the announcement that Square Enix is bringing out Final Fantasy 10 (or Final Fantasy X, however you please) for Sony’s PS Vita as well as the Playstation 3.

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NukaCola3207d ago

It's funny how many articles like this we get. I bet if Square actually made this come to reality, it would sell millions. I don't get why some people don't just give what the fans want, especially when they have stuck by you 20 years and hate everything you are doing this gen.

Nitrowolf23207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

FF7 would sell a lot.
Anyway FFX is not a remake. It's just an HD version with some other tweaks.

slayorofgods3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

FF X is arguably better then FF7 anyway. I'd take any FF remake for the ps3 and I'm glad it is 10.

fuzion17c3207d ago

FF6 Remake is what I want! Best FF in the series!

Biggest3207d ago

You can argue that any of the FFs are better than the others. I personally want a FFVI and FFVII remake. They could use that Canvas engine for FFVI. Would be awesomeness.

wwm0nkey3207d ago

I don't get why everyone freaks out about FF7, its not even the best Final Fantasy game and its pretty over rated if you ask me :/

Lovable3207d ago

I concur...I'm thankful enough that they did this to FFX. Can't be greedy now...

Godmars2903207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Because a FFVII remake has been talked about as much as as long as vsXIII. That for as much as hardcore fans have come to blindly defend Sqaure, this is them pretty ignoring fans.

Its also showing a lack of ability to remake VII since X is the easier, cheaper choice.

Actually, wouldn't go as far as say that its better than something like VI. IV or V for that matter. Each had better, more involving stories. VII wasn't bad, but it main appeal were the graphics. Something that Square of today isn't really up to, nevermind that they'd touch up the story.

OmegaSlayer3207d ago

Yeah FFVII assets should be completely redone, while FFX can be just updated a bit.

Peaceful_Jelly3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The only people that say is overrated are the ones that haven't even played it yet and those that have only played like 10 minutes of it. FFVII is only second to FFVI as the best FF game ever.

I mean, FFVII was the game that made FF popular outside of the niche fanbase of the west you know and you don't achieve something like that with a crap game. Did I mention it was the best seller too? People don't buy games because they are crap, specially in those times when the console RPG market was as saturated as this gen's FPS games.

Hicken3207d ago

Um, I've played through VII twice, each time putting more than 100 hours into it.

It's overrated.

VIII and X were definitely better. I'd also venture to say XII was better. Hell, in MY OPINION, VII is only better than IX, and even then, only marginally. Yes, that means I'd rather play X-2 or XIII instead of VII.

Making a franchise or genre popular doesn't automatically make a game great.

wwm0nkey3207d ago

ummmm I am pretty sure I played FFVII, its just really all that great compared to the other FF titles. Is it bad? Oh god no its a really great game.

My personal favorites are FFIV, FFV and FFIX

Biggest3207d ago

You've played it for over 200 hours. Think about that for a minute.

Making a franchise or genre popular DOES automatically make a game great. It changed the demographics of the JRPG. It made RPGs worthwhile to the world while also changing they way they were made. It may not be your favorite, and that is fine. It is a great game by all measures of great. . . Including the random hatewagon riders.

Hicken3206d ago

I didn't say it was a bad game, did I? With the exception of IX, which I don't own, I've put well over 400 hours into all the other FFs.

I've also put more hours into dozens of games outside of the FF franchise, from Breath of Fire to Persona to Xenosaga.

There are easily 20 rpgs I'd rather play than FFVII. PS1-era games include FFVIII, The Legend of Dragoon, Breath of Fire III, and Xenogears. The list of games from the next gen is massively high.

VII is frequently billed as the greatest rpg of all time. It isn't. Therefore, it's overrated.

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Peaceful_Jelly3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

FFX is just a re-release with HD resolution and maybe better frame-rate but for FFVII to look better it'll need much more than just a bump in resolution and frame-rate... One of the flaws of pre-rendered backgrounds is that they have a fixed resolution and it doesn't matter how much you bump it it'll only look worse. On top of that, the way they drew those background was in proportion to the chibi 3D character models so if they update them to at least look like FFVIII PC they are going to look out of place.

What's so hard to understand?

Da One3207d ago

FFX is not a's a ****ing HD version, ****!

Canary3207d ago

Why is it so hard for people to understand the difference between a port and a remake?

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