Game Informer - Renegade Ops Review

Matt Miller writes: Renegade Ops is something of a one trick pony, and the endless high-octane action loses its potency after a few hours, especially when playing alone. It’s ultimately a small complaint about a game that knows what it is and isn’t afraid to go all in on the concept. Plus, any tedium can be alleviated by teaming up with a friend in split-screen co-op, or up to four players online. If you’re looking for some good, old-fashioned devastation, you could do a lot worse spending time as a renegade.

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masteroftheclaw3218d ago

Glad to see Renegade Ops get a nice score. It definitely it a "one trick pony" but so are most classic arcade games. This game has the heart and soul of classic arcade games and those are just as fun as anything else out there.