Gametrailers: Resident Evil 4 HD review

Could this be the definitive version of Leon's nightmarish European vacation?

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mistajeff3219d ago

man, it sucks that they ported this so lazily. i was hoping for some visual upgrades that would best the mod work done on the also-a-lazy-port of a PC version, but it doesn't seem that way. the modders showed this game more love than capcom did, with new textures and sex-ified cutscenes.

jeeves863219d ago

How did it get such a high review score with such a shoddy review? I can understand the game itself is good, but it's been re-released over and over again...:\

andron3219d ago

Ah sucks. I'll give this an miss then. RE4 is one of my favourite games of all time, but I won't support a lazy port like this...