Monster Hunter 4 On 3DS: Is Capcom Out Of Its Mind?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Last week, Capcom delivered the bombshell announcement that it plans to release the next iteration of its Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter 4, on 3DS instead of a Sony platform, particularly PlayStation Vita.

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jacksonmichael4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Apparently if you double post, but change a single character in time, both of them go through. See below for my intended comment.

jacksonmichael4154d ago

Is Capcom out of its mind? Yes. But you can find better proof than this.

eagle214154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Vita hasn't sold 1 unit while 3DS is the top selling handheld in japan. 3DS will have a way bigger base when this game launches. Japan is loyal to Nintendo and Sony regardless of psp monster hunter. Thank god the survey has over 80% in favor Nintendo deserves it.

The way I see it, Capcom went Nintendo "exclusive" for a moment with Resident Evil "4" and the shit was classic. Leave it alone fanboys.

PSVita4154d ago

right. I could understand if Capcom said it was never coming o the vita but the fact is the vita has not proving itself yet as far as sales for for obvious reasons. Overall though it's one game and games like mvc3, ffx, ninja gaiden, aren't on the 3ds so who cares.

Venoxn4g4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

actually Ninja Gaiden is being developed for 3DS

PSVita4153d ago

@ venox2008 you are correct my mistake, but hope my point still gets across that there are a ton of third party games that have yet to be announced for the 3ds.

Tito084153d ago

There is a Ninja Gaiden in developement for 3DS as well as another for Vita, which I think its based on Sigma!!!!!

trikster404153d ago

Actually, the 3DS has only been the top selling handheld for about 3 or 4 weeks. Before that, the PSP was blowing it out of the water.

user8586214153d ago

but now its the other way around, and since people want better visuals in monster hunter makes sense to bring it to the 3DS

matey4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

in fact the 3ds has sold 10 fold the competition since price drop and was out selling 360 ect before that plus its out selling everything worldwide as we speak and the big games are not even here yet

all u sony fans spitting that vita is far superior tech wise where is the proof the 3ds has major games that are real games almost finished that look better than vitas best game period revelations has better graphics than RE5 most previews say so and Capcom wouldnt have it on 3ds if they thought Vita could make the game look better see ya.

UltraVegito4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )


Did you say the 3DS has games that look better than the vita?
Yeah I think you need to get your eyes checked.

StitchJones4148d ago

It is only #1 in sales due to the recent price drop.

Beetey4154d ago

I would have dissappointed to see one of the core titles released on a handheld, regardless of what that handheld was but, releasing in on the least powerful handheld? Wow Capcom... Monster Hunter fans have good reason to be PO'ed about this.

I had no problem when I heard that TriG would be on the 3DS. It sounded like a good way to "test the waters." To announce that the next game will be on it before Capcom gets any feedback from the fans... It's unfortunate to see such a great series come to this.

Venoxn4g4154d ago

so at first people are complaining that 3DS doesn't have core titles, now when it is being releasing, people are complaining that core title like is being released on 3DS.. ?

Beetey4153d ago

I could not care less about the system. It's what they are doing to the series that bothers me.

MasterCornholio4153d ago

I also believe that Monster Hunter would be better on the Vita due to its superior tech and controls.

But then again its just my opinion and its Nice that 3DS owners are getting a core game.

kesvalk4153d ago

it's N4G, they did the same with the Wii, for a time, it didn't had enough games, when it started getting some good games, the guys started complaining that it wasn't on the PS3/360...

it's the same nonsensical way N4G is since i started coming to this site...

rjdofu4153d ago

They're just too lazy to upgrade their engine to cope up with Vita performance, since they can just pretty much copy&paste mhp3rd to the 3ds (mhp3G) and make a MH4 based on that old engine.

But I believe in a right time MH will come to Vita eventually.

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Ser4153d ago

I completely agree with you, Beetey. Well said.

I'm getting really sick and tired of Capcom's handling of the Monster Hunter franchise.

MasterCornholio4153d ago

They had good sales on the PSP and we all know that Capcom isn't retarded. So a monster hunter game will probably come 2 vita. I bet its going to be 4 with extra features and redone in HD for the vita which is going to look great.

ronin4life4153d ago

Monster hunter carried the psp in japan. Imagine how many sales they could make on a system it dosen't need to carry?
It has had a rough start, but the 3ds is the ds's successor. And the ds outsold the psp by a wide margin.
If you look at it that way, it makes some sense.

Da One4153d ago

The 3DS doesn't need carrying, my bad i must have missed som....oh yeah that huge price cut, before that i'm not sure who needed carrying

TheFirstClassic4153d ago

Monster Hunter has a big fanbase from the psp titles, and many of those who had a psp will most likely upgrade to Vita, so it would be crazy not to release one on Vita.

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